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Come on, son - put it on pole, stay out of trouble.

12 years of hurt ...

P.S. nice to see the underlying current of racism against Lewis getting more publicity in Spain and Brazil. Charming people.

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  • First mission - failed
  • bloody hell, someone hand me the valium!

    How amazing is Vettel? What a guy! I expect a lot of him next year!
  • second mission - successful - JUST!!!

  • Well, Don't think there will ever be a more exciting champonship. Afraid next year will be difficult to call. Vettel is phonomenally good. Inferior car under greasy conditions and he made Clewlis look ordinary.
    What the F*** was Glock doing. 1 ' 40" with a dry line. Who's paid for that wedding??
  • so esciting and thrilling. Wonderful championship.
    Vettel is great, I agree.
    And let me add that I still think that the real number one remains the guy that finished second today.
  • Very well done, Lewis. You show promise.

    (Someone had to say it.)
  • Congrats Lewis(oohh, that hurt). No secret that he is not my favourite driver, but did enough(thanks Timo) to get the job done.

    Look out nest year Mark Webber. That kid is a hell of a driver. Good to see some success finally heading Faenza way. Well done guys.
  • Was it me or did Hamilton's girlfriend give the impression that the wheels turning but the hamster's dead
  • Congrats Lewis! Tough break for Felipe, but I'm sure he will be right up there next year, wonder if the same can be said for Kimi.

    Vettel was very impressive this year, sure hope Red Bull can give him a good car. Oz is right, Webber is going to have a challenge on his hands next year.

    Good luck to Toro, hope they can take this season and transform it to an even better one next year.
  • Originally posted by Petroltorque
    Was it me or did Hamilton's girlfriend give the impression that the wheels turning but the hamster's dead
    One of the quotes of the year for me!
  • Massa got close, but I'm afraid he didn't deserve it. He just doesn't ooze CHAMPION.

    Even though he won more races, there were too many ordinary performances.

    Well done Clewlis. Maybe cut down on the rhetoric and more people might like you.
    I mean it's rare to have "English" and "World Champion" in the same sentence. I really want
    to like you, but you are just annoying.

    I happy for Ron Dennis after the last 2 years he has had.

    Too bad Vettel is going to RBR. No more podiums I'm afraid.
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