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Toro Finito?

Berger has exited at STR, wonder what's next. Does anyone know what kind of car they will be using for next year?


  • difficult question. Mateschitz actually wanted to sell his 50 percent of the team but now he owns it to 100%.
    I haven't heard about someone who would buy it for the ultimate-story but that has been a while.

    According to what we've seen at the SA07 and SA08 which were actually some Hondas from the past season maybe this would be a solution but they would have to make it look like the new BMW because of the regulations.
    Hopefully some interests will appear before February next year else it could be another 2001-like opening(car did just about 50km at a showdown)
  • Well I haven't heard if they have to build their own car or have reached any compromise and can use the Red Bull chassis. I would love for them to be able to build their own once again but I don't believe they have the capability as Red Bull has decimated that department at Toro.

    As for Mateschitz, he owns 100% but no idea if he is selling to someone else or what. With the fragile economy at current I would believe finding a buyer will be tough at this time.
  • by the way I recently read that European Aviation has sold OzJet to another company on their homepage.
    So if we see Paul Stoddart back with a race team the cars then will have European Aviation instead of OzJet.

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  • I also recently read that Mateschitz is not going "to sell STR not in 2009 but before 2010" somewhere on motorsport-toal.com. Price would be about 50 Billion Dollars. I think in the end of this season we will easier find someone who buys the team than Honda.
  • $50billion? He'd be lucky to get 50 old pfennigs. With no sponsors around because all the corporate boardroom types are scared shitless, not the right time to go racing.
  • 50 Billion! Is that New Zealand dollars?
  • Oh, sorry I was wrong.....50 Million US-Dollars. I guess I somehow I was confused by the word Million and Billion. Sorry.
  • Oh, that's alright. George W used to make that mistake all the time.
  • it's not worth 50m either! there's no design team, no car, no windtunnel, just 100 odd employment contracts
  • Is that confirmed, that the design department is 100% gone? I had heard the same but the last interview I read with Ascanelli he made it sound as though the redesign of the Red Bull was done in-house. Perhaps by 'we' he meant Red Bull Technologies.
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