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Confirmation of Friesacher soon?

According to F1Total.com, there will be "important deccisions about the future of PAtrick" the next days..... Let's wait and see. I would prefer Montagny, but Friesi don't seem to be bad either.




At least, not TDW :hehe:


  • As long as he brings huge amounts of cash and kills the Verstappen rumour.
  • Possibly Jordan?
  • Bernie from Pittsburgh?
  • You can look at :

    if you really don't know

  • [quote]Bernie from Pittsburgh?
    If you want me to. [/quote]

    I think he's another dutchie Quig.
  • From F1racing.net:
    Friesacher in Minardi running

    Patrick Friesacher, an Austrian, has emerged right in the running to make a Formula One debut in '05. The next week or so may prove the most important in the 23-year-old's young racing career.

    He recently tested Minardi's single seater. "We are coming to the important stage in negotiations with Paul Stoddart now," said manager Thomas Frank.

    According to speculation, a Minardi cockpit for a year will cost a rookie about $6.5 million.
    Thomas Frank was Zsolt's manager last year, so he already knows PS !!!!
    I wonder who represents Zsolt now !!!

    $ 6,5mln seems low to me; it's only worth € 5mln.
  • GOMAN Ltd., namely Rick Gorne, Anthony Davidson's manager. I think he is (was) 5% owner of BAR. Zsolt announced that there is very little chance of him driving for Minardi, it is only a money issue, and he does not have enough.
  • Mmmm, I just was thinking he was going to drive for Minardi after what Paul Stoddart supposed to have said when he was being interviewed by Autosport. He hinted that Minardi have secured their second driver for 2005 and that he has F1 experience.

    I was thinking of Zsolt but after reading what you have said: Montagny?
  • Montagny has experience?
  • Testing experience. F1 experience can mean anything.
  • And why not Thomas Enge ?? He has tested also.
  • Enge has raced, actually. :cool:
  • Frank Thomas is the manager of Nissany and already put him very close to a development test driver role in the team for this season.

    Patrick is a very good driver and i wouldn't be surprise if Frank will finalize a contract for him if he has the money behind him (at list as a 3rd driver).
    He did have money problems last year for F3000 after Red Bull cut his sponsoring because of some personal fight. But the fact that he did compete last season says that he has other resources. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Minardi in 2005 and he definetly be better than Zsolt.
  • Enge has signed for a top IRL team, has he not?
  • I've looked it up. Enge races for PatrickRacing in the IRL next year. And yes, he already drove in 3 F1-races :)
  • He drove for Prost.

    IMHO he didn't disapoint, seeing that he had NO experience in that F1-car before !!!
  • Yeah, Enge was doing well, but as allready said, he won't drive fpr Minardi 2005. It wouldn't suprise me if Friesacher geht confirmed after the 3-day-testing at Misano... maybe together with Nissany?
  • I am still in hope of Zsolt coming back to minardi, although it really seems there is very little chance of that happening. Somehow I feel he would deserve a shot at it, he could surprise everyone.
  • I don't think the chance is too little. But if Stoddie was right, we will know it till the end of this month...
  • Latest update: Tomas Enge will race next year in IRL-team Panther Racing together with Thomas Scheckter. He has just signed a contract.
  • Enge has raced, actually. :cool:
    I also hear he is pretty good with a bong and rolling papers.
  • Yes, he is faster at that than at car racing!!:P:D
  • 'joint' hobbies ? :P
  • [quote]Enge has raced, actually. :cool:
    I also hear he is pretty good with a bong and rolling papers. [/quote]

    He' s idoneous for the jamaican bobsled team:hehe:
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