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German GP

About time. Webber finally wins in very convincing fashion. Rubens loses in convincing fashion. Blames everyone except himself for slow lap times.

It will be interesting to see how RBR go at Hungary. If they are dominant there then it could a 2 horse race. Just which 2 will be the question.


  • well deserved for webbo to finally take the top spot! well done!

    can't believe rubens cracked and started flinging dirt at the team! all those years of repression coming to the fore?
  • yeah great win to an Ex Minardi! Well done; you deserve it!
  • At great win by Webber at last!!

    I felt sorry for Rubens the fuel rig faliure really hurt his race.

    If his second pit stop had been a change to a two stop stratergy (as originally thought by the commentators), he would have probably come second or at worst third.

    It was nice to see some quick laps from Alonso.

    Fisichella had a sterling drive in the force india 18th to 11th
  • Woo-hoo! C'mon Aussie. Can't believe how long ago it was that Roo and I watched your debut in Melbourne.

    A well-deserved (solitary) Australian success.
  • Yes, yes a deserved win! What is it you Aussies say.. Fair dinkum!
  • PS Does anyone feel that Rubens should retire, he has clealy stopped driving...
  • Bravo Webber, i was so glad for him.

    Force India are improving a lot. In these last races they reminded me old good Minardis. By the way, Raikkonen must hate Adrian Sutil.

    Have you seen Fernando's magic in the last 20 laps.
    Give the boy a car, please.
  • Excellent win by Webber, very deserved and long overdue.

    Another Minardi driver now a GP winner!
  • Yes, yes, Webber winning finally is all very well. But what about the truly great Australian victory last night?

    One HD has come to Canberra. I'm so happy. Able to watch a proper pre-race telecast at............at........9:30! And.....and.......and (I'm sorry, it's too much)........The whole telecast finished by midnight!

    My life has begun anew. I can watch Grands Prix live, without feeling like shit for two days.

    So, there were a lot of really good drives there last night. Someone put the Fish back into salt water or something, because we haven't seen that driver for quite some time. Fred did a Yoong (in about the same place)and somehow managed not to stall and face ignominy. Then he finds the perfect setup 15 laps from the end. He must have been mega pissed off at that. This, I think, is where this season is really telling. If the teams had been able to do all their testing, as their whole structure is set up to be successful from, the usual suspects would have been pouring champagne over each other all season.

    McLaren showed why KERS is total KERap. Those 15 seconds after the start can completely change a race. No way should Webber have been able to come back from that Stop-Go. With the benefit of KERS however, he was able to be the running back to McLaren's tight end (or whatever way that analogy is supposed to work). It should be all in, or all out. We aint seen the last of KERS changing the result this season.

    Still and all, it was an enjoyable race to watch, considering that there wan't much passing happening. Let's hope this anomolous season goes to the wire, cause I reckon we're back to runaway mega-team next year. Time for Mclaren to dust off all that data from the age of no fuel stops
  • Welcome to civilisation. Next you'll get running water, sewerage and a new fangled contraption called a "buggy" that you hook up behind your horse and the whole family can go on a trip together.
  • Thanks mate.

    I hear that if we're really lucky, that new fangled sewrage thing will overflow and they'll call it 'The Yarra'.
  • Well done Mark. Now some of the mongrels that have been sticking to me for years will shut the hell up.

    Wayne, after having lived in both places, i know where I'd rather be and I'm staying right here. At least Melbourne is still open for business past 1pm on a Sat. I remember walking through Civic Mall one sat'day arvo and thinking, "I could fire a canon through this palce and not worry about hitting any bastard!!!" And I no longer have to put up with regional television.
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