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... and another thing, why did Webber then do a fastest lap on lap 54 if he was running out of fuel?


  • ... and another thing, why did Webber then do a fastest lap on lap 54 if he was running out of fuel?
  • Seb's nerves bursted, at the end, that's the only explanation. And having seen his body language after Barcelona and (to a lesser extent) after Montecarlo, it could have been expected, but not to such a level of stupidity. No point at all doing that manoeuvre at that point of the race. And images show clearly that he swerved to the right on Mark's car. Plus, why should Mark have "left enough space"??????

    I just hope this suicide not to cost the team the titles in Abu Dhabi, in favour of McLaren.....
  • Horner is being diplomatic. Not showing to take sides, unlike Helmut.

    I'm sure behind closed doors.....

    Vettel was not under anymore pressure than at any other stage of the race, in fact he had a gap on Clewlis.

    This team know how to stuff things up.

    Webber gave him a car width and no more and neither was going to back off. This has been brewing since last year when Webber won Vettels home race.

    Vettel is rattled is has been showing signs of frustration and Webber is not going to give him an inch.

    I think Webber really thinks he can take the championship, and sees Vettel as his only threat.
  • All good points, but:

    - Webber had his engine turned down, so should have accepted second to his team mate if could not keep in front

    - Let's be reasonable; Webber moved in after Vettel drew level. Not by much, but he did move

    - Vettel is a twat. He should start to realise that you have to earn the top spot. The way he is driving at the moment indicates that he thinks he should be given some things

    - Vettel has some real flaws in his talent. One of them was shown up when he moved out prematurely. He simply got it wrong. go back and have a look at Vettel & Hamilton in Barca (was it?)when Hamilton rattled Vettel in a wheel to wheel at the pit exit.

    This was a prang that had to happen sooner or later. You could see in one of the earlier GPs this year when he gave Webber the first corner when it was clear that he could have fought for it. You could see by the car attitude that he wanted to have a go, but was held back by something he didn't like.

    I'm glad this thing happenned because we needed to clear this we're all a 'team' bullshit. That only works when there is a Number 1 driver, and a monkey. The fact is that we haven't seen this set up for ages in F1. A super-talented up-and-commer (who may lose his future if he doesn't wake up to himself); and a guy who should be playing the Irvine/Barichello (monkey) role, who refuses to do it, and has the ability to stand his ground.

    That said, Webber had a lot of 'fault' in the accident, and didn't drive sensibly. On top of that, my read of the race was that out of the four of them, he was the slowest on the day. Not by much, but he was slower. Maybe Mark should not listen so much to his own press as well.

    And after all that, Button & Hamilton showed them both how to do it. Great stuff.

    Now in Canada, we will be treated to watching both of the Bulls fall off the track in qualifying as they push it over the limit trying to beat each other.

  • Gotta disagree about Webber moving. His steering wheel didn't move. Not that he is totally blameless, but it was Vettel who moved. His choice was to move in or back out. In some ways I'm glad it happened. This team talk at RBR is rubbish. They favour Vettel, and I think there was some team tactics going on that Webber wasn't in on!!!
  • Actually, I'm gonna recant. Looking at the foootage with the advantage of slow motion and stopping it, etc, it becomes clear that Webber moved quite a long way.........to the right.

    By the time Vettel does his twitch, there is more than half a car width between Vettel and the side of the track.

    All down to Seb I'm afraid.

    ......he fucked up
  • Agree Lease, and also look how far away the corner is. Seb could have carried on for at least another 150Mtrs or so before turning!

    Also looking at Horners reaction when Webber got pole - no excitement. I think the value for Red Bull is that vettel will have more 'youth value' for the drinks brand, so they will get more mileage out of him winning than Mark.
  • Well all that 'behind the scenes' crap seems to be now suggesting that:

    - Webber was told to turn the engine down

    - Vettel had lots & lots of power to hand when Webber did turn it down (a bit of a coincidence)

    - Looks like Vettel was expecting to get a clear run past Webber; hence the finger twirling (can't you read the script?)

    - Marko says that somehow when Vettel was under pressure from Hamilton that him going to 1st would make a one-two possible (ie, Webber would not then be under pressure from Hamilton?)

    And the really funny bit is that Macca had to turn their engines down within a couple of laps anyway. So it was all just not necessary.

    Why am I getting visions of the back of a winged chair in which sits Dear Dieter watching his telly. An arm slowly reaches to the table beside the chair and picks up the phone. The head tilts slightly to the side as the phone reaches the ear. "It's time; do it now" says the gravelly voice in soft, but firm tones. The arm replaces the reciever; the speaker not interested in any response. The car behind moves up to, and just beyond the one in front. There is a touch; one car loses control and the the stability of the other seems for a moment uncertain. The fire in the massive fireplace flares suddenly. The puppet master is not happy.
  • By moving right, Vettel changed line heading into a braking zone. Thats strictly verbotten. Webber should secure the championship and then stick two fingers up to Helmut and co.
    Whatever he decides he should stay clear of the clowns at Maranello. That place is a black hole for careers!
  • Hmmm . . . . I see a slight de-tune coming soon - or a sandbag.
  • all said, i posted my views in my facebook page the moment the incident happened...a view representative of above posted and vettel "f**king up".

    Go Webbo, go! Win it and go somewhere else next season.
  • Where's RJ?

    We need to do some serious 'Austrian-Bashing'; can't do it behind his back.

    Actually, I knew an Austrian guy that travelled to places like the US, Canada, UK, etc., quite regularly. He had a T-Shirt made that said:

    No!, I said AUSTRIAN! How apt.
  • For excellent comments, and a vote go to:


    Worth the read of most peoples comments, especially the latest ones.
  • When I saw it live I thought 50-50 but replays proved its Seb's fault - a right lil' Schumi. Doesn't smile too much these days, now does he?

    LOVED Lewis and Jense - proper racing but I doubt Seb will learn much from it.

    RBR are a funny bunch. Marvellous. FORZA WEBBO!
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