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Well that was an unexpected win for Webber.
Note you could (almost) say the first 3 spots were held by ex Minardi drivers!

Heres a funny clip if you didnt see the race. Incident between Slewmaker and Rubens.


  • Vettel screwed up quite badly. He could have won easily.

    Looks like the youtube mafia has already removed that video. I'm not sure about what to think about that action. It all ended well, but it could have ended quite badly had the two cars hit eachother.
  • Love seeing Vettel pissed off.
  • With the Slewmaker and Rubens incident, what would have happened if a car was coming out of the pits?

    I thought that white line wasn't meant to be crossed over, as it could have been a triple fatality at that point?
  • Hungary shouldn't have been interesting.......and then it was.

    Good work from Petrov in what was a pretty inspired weekend. Kubby was not a happy boy at all. I thiink he is getting used to being tagged as a wonder boy, and Petrov's performance goes a fair way to spoiling that image.

    What can you say about Shooooomeee, eh? That was an incredibly dangerous incident. Mind you, Rubinho helped out with a mighty show of stupidity by keeping the boot in. These two have pretty much ruined all those years of TOIT dominance by showing that at the end of the day, they just aren't that good as steerers.

    Any word on the Renault Lollipop man? Can't seem to find anything about what happened to him. There is idiocy, and there is idiocy, but lifting that stick with the Force India pulling in was inspired.

    Absolutely loved Massa's quote "Is Webber behind me??" Cracked me up, that one. Please give us more car-to-pit comms; they're wonderful.

    As for little Petal, how silly does this boy get?? He was lolligagging around on the restart because he knew that Webber was no threat and his arrogance is such that he just figures that he'll back the guys up behind him to get a jump on them as if he was the lead car. Simple......and arrogant. This business of backing off on the last lap and then plugging in a fastest lap on no fuel and then saying "see!, see! I was the fastest, I should have won!!; it makes him look embarrassing for his team. Not that anyone gives a flying fig for Red Bull anyway.

    So good luck to Fred and Webber for a change. Fred knew exactly what he had to do, both at the start and during the race, and he just went ahead and did it. Very smart. As for Webber, well I have my doubts that he concocted that strategy between the second last corner and the pit entrance as he claimed, but a top effort to pull out the necessary lead, and then to do it a second time after putting the new boots on.

    Wonder what the implications are going to be from that in the races going forward? Will the teams do more endurance testing on the softs on fridays? will we see different race strategies for the softs on the circuits that are kinder on tyres?

    Whatever happens, the next 2 races will be really interesting. The bulls can't expect to be dominant at Monza for sure, and Maclaren are going to enjoy the fast ruins on both Spa and Monza, so we can be pretty certain that no clear championship leader will be determined till well after those races.

    Gotta say that it is becomming a very interesting year.
  • Very interesting year indeed, and not on a low level like last year, but at a very high level with the normal mistakes drivers can make when under full pressure.
    Apart from Vettel who showed his immaturity at Istanbul and Budapest.

    We've had 5 different winners, with Webbo who would have a good lead without the Istanbul incident. Macca seem to be on their way down, but I expect to see them resurrecting in Spa (plus Clewlis is an untamable fighter), and in Spa Ferrari should be at the same level as Red Bulls. Alonso may then win in Monza, and we might have a season finale like in 2007 and 2008.

    Webbo was simply fantastic in Budapest, no need to spend more words on what he did. But I want to underline that the real masterpiece was Ferdy's second place, that (depending on Ferrari performance in Spa and Monza) might become decisive for the title in Abu Dhabi. To manage to keep Petal behind in Budapest (although helped by Seb's idiocy) was a true display of mastery.

    No need to comment about Massa and about the Renault lollipop guy, who spoilt another fantastic performance by Kubica.

    About the Swervemaker, what to say? At 41 he came back to qualify 14th, to get 1 second per lap from his teammate, and to risk, in a fight for 10th place or so, to kill Rubens. 'Nuff said.
    The news is he apparently wants to renew the contract. He's perhaps thinking that in 1 or 2 yrs Merc will have the winning car. He seems not to realize that in such case, Nico would clinch the title in August and he would hardly get a couple of podiums........
  • I like Flavio's comment after the race.
    "Mark is a driver capable of exceptional feats. He has now reached a maturity and inner calmness that can take him really far. In Hungary he was the first one understanding that he could take a risk in running for three-quarter distance on the soft tyres he had at the start. That was the winning move, but it also demonstrated how much he uses his brain, unlike many others."
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