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My Forzaminardi.com Challenge Monza Predictions

I'm not going to have internet access for the next week or so due to holiday and a computer issue therefore I'll post my predictions now.

Pole: Hamilton
1st: Hamilton
2nd: Alonso
3rd: Webber
4th: Vettel
1st Out: Senna
Best Ex Minardi: Alonso


  • and here's mine... not that it matters much!
    Pole: Alonso
    1st: Alonso
    2nd: Hamilton
    3rd: Button
    4th: Webber
    1st out: Vettel
    Best ex Minardi: Alonso
  • And my predictions for Monza and Singapore (I will be away on holiday the next two weeks, with no Internet access):

    Pole: Webbo
    1st: Vettel
    2nd: Webbo
    3rd: Alonso
    4th: Hamilton
    First out: Rosberg
    Best ex Minardi:Webbo

    Pole: Vettel
    1st: Webbo
    2nd: Hamilton
    3rd: Button
    4th: Massa
    First out: Vettel
    Best ex-Minardi: Webbo
  • Monza
    Pole: Webber
    1st: VWebber
    2nd: Hamilton
    3rd: Alonso
    4th: Vettel
    First out: Senna
    Best ex Minardi:Webber
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