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Malaysian GP

In conditions in which even the most puritanical would lay money on Jenson walking away with it ... nothing. Bizarre. TOIT is overjoyed after an amazing performance by Fred but no-one is kidding themselves about the true pace of that car. Massa gone by Silverstone?

from BBC: ''28th career victory for Alonso - behind only Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell in the all-time list.'' Is he the best of the champions on the grid this year? Definitely arguable. He flatters mediocre cars much like Schumi used to do.

I watched Perez in Brit F3 yet the beige nature of Sauber ensured that I didn't even flinch as he homed in on TOIT. I simply couldn't care less. Will be Fred's number two faster than you can say 'single fare to Sao Paulo'.

Lewis? RBR? Nico? Many people looked ordinary today but it's shaping up to be a good season.


  • The only good thing about this GP was that it gave us a temporary tightening of the Drivers championship.

    Really, why are we having GP's in the twilight. Why call it a world championship? If Bernie wants to appease European audiences
    then have all the races in Europe! Oh wait a minute, Europe is broke...

    Anyhoo it will probably also rain in China and give us an artificial view of the championship.

    Never at any stage did I think Perez would try and pass. Too bad the the track didn't dry earlier as I reckon
    Clewlis and Webber would have caught them quite easily.

    Not much to say really other than HRT are mobile chicanes.
  • Wasn't even interesting I think. If you were a Sauber fan (are there any?) then you would have been on the edge of your seat. Come to think of it, most Sauber fans are probably watching communal TVs in retirement homes for bewildered septegenarian Swiss, so maybe a few fell off the edge of their seats and right into the cardiac ward.

    It must be said that for the most part, Perez handled what must have been a huge amount of pressure quite well.

    Macca were just awful. Talk about dissaray, they looked like amateurs. Red Bull not much better really. What was the story with Seb's brakes we wonder? On a day where most teams had the ducts taped up, they manage to overheat one. Tape left on after the dry?

    There were some lovely moves during the race though, and at the risk of being parochial, Ricciardo's 2 round the outside of turn 5 were Kimi-esque, and Webber's from turns 4 to 5 on lap 1 made me embarrassed cause I assumed it was Vettel.

    Williams were a surprise given their absolute pace so far this season did not translate to anyting interesting in the wet.

    You gotta admire Alonso. He knows how bad this car is, but he don't give up. you can see that he does everything he can to make up places at the start, and then see where he can finish. In this case,he got a bit lucky on the tyre stop though some may notice that Massa cruising dowbn the lane waiting to get into the box that Alonso hadn't left may have been a tactic. It certainly ruined the race for Hamilton and Webber by backing up the pit lane whilst other cars were still streaming in. No comment in the press about this surprisingly.

    The midfield is facinating so far. Toro Rosso, Force India, Williams, Sauber, and until they sort their tyres, Mercedes; are already showing similar pace with variations by track. That may turn out to be where the interest is after RBR, Macca, and TOIT get their first couple of upgrades and go after the championship proper.

    Interesting comments from Tost about Vergne who at the end of the day drove a very sensible and thoughtful race. He was quite enthusiastic about the Frenchman and one wonders whether there is some Marko-type preference here. For absolute entertainment, I'll take Daniel any day. He may be stuffing up his position on the road early in the races so far, but he has definitely got a bit of mongrel about him, and pretty quick to boot.

    It is so hard to care about the three at the back. HRT are roadblocks (or at least Karthy is; Marussia are more beige than Sauber, and the most interesting thing about the other one is the name.

    So that leaves Lotus (though I prefer to call them Renault). Are they in the leading pack, or mid-field?? Time will tell of course, but it is fun to have Kimi back with his 'I don't give a fuck' attitude.

    Roll on Chung Kuo!
  • Vergne reminds me of Heidfeld. Quickish, conservative and boring.

    Vettel is interesting. Hasn't got the fastest car and seems the fraying around the edges.

    Webber seems pacy and looks like these new tyres suit his style. If only he can get a fast start.

    Clewlis' race pace is interesting. Seems to chew into his tyres early into his stint.

    Torro Rosso, Sauber, Wiliams and Renault (I'm with you Lease, Lotus...pfffft) can cause an upset.

  • Nico not looking too clever right now. Not after the way Schumi qualified. is Nico the new, er, Nick?
  • Nico is being quiet about it, but after two years of trouncing the Swervemaker, he suddenly looks ordinary??

    Gotta be a case of Ross-baby designing the car around the older bloke's style. Only trouble is that they have a tyre 'conundrum'. Conundrum be buggered; how about 'desigining an understeering car so that it suits one driver's style, makes the thing chew out the Pirellis too quick'.

    Methinks they will be paying for this all year. Back when they had their 'own' tyre supplier desiging tyres around their car and number one driver it may have worked. But it aint going to work when the tyres are designed around the tracks and not the cars.
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