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Russia Sochi


POL: Hamilton
1ST: Hamilton
2ND: Rosberg
3RD: Bottas
4TH: Ricciardo
OUT: grosjean
EXM: Ricciardo


  • Pole: Clewlis
    1st: Rosberg
    2nd: Clewlis
    3rd: Vettel
    4th: Massa
    First out: Ericsson
    Best ex-MinardiToroRosso: Vettel
  • Pole: Clewlis
    1st: Clewlis
    2nd: Rosberg
    3rd: Bottas
    4th: Ricciardo
    First out: Vergne
    Best ex-MinardiToroRosso: Ricciardo
  • Kinda last minute:

    POL: Hamilton
    1ST: Rosberg
    2ND: Hamilton
    3RD: Button
    4TH: Ricciardo
    EXM: Alonso
    OUT: Chilton
  • damn too late again - good luck everyone!! :)
  • Posted my Russia picks yesterday in the Japan 2014 thread, but will re post it here.

    posted on 10-10-14 at 14:03


    POL: Hamilton
    1ST: Hamilton
    2ND: Rosberg
    3RD: Magnussen
    4TH: Alonso
    OUT: Massa
    EXM: Alonso
  • Man, what a boring race. Bathurst on the other hand was at the other end of the spectrum! :)

    Ill post updated scores maybe this arvo.
  • Only watched the first 10 laps. What a boring track. Sort of reminds me of indycar where they would make a makeshift track at an airport and paint the track and no kerbs. Cars go in every which way. Rubbish.
  • It reminded me of the parades at Valencia. Ah well.

    Seeing Bermie with Vlad made me want to puke. Apparently Bernie even decides when the TV-director shows who.
  • haha good i didn't watch it then ;)
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