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2014 post mortem

The right guy won as even Nico conceded. Thank goodness double points didn't ruin it. Lewis can now be considered one of the 'greats' as he joins Clark, Hill & Stewart as a British double world champion. Balls of steel and the equal of Fred. Like Schumi, both have had to fight every single step of the way since karts and it shows.

I thought it was a great season and I hope (in vain) TOIT learn something about letting drivers fight it out when/if they ever again have a dominant car. Total respect to Merc for that and to Ross Brawn for setting the whole thing up.

As Ted Kravitz pointed out, Jenson's 5th has saved Macca millions in terms of their finishing position above Force India. I hope (in vain) that Ron ponders on that.

Vettel has been shown the door by Daniel and Fred looks foolish for the way he has played his hand: wanted a Merc engine, didn't get one. Neither man, in my view, will win another title.

Forza Williams, poor show Sauber (their worst season ... ever) and very best wishes to Caterham (who thought that would work?!) and Marussia/Manor.

Hulkenberg looks stuck in the midfield, which is a shame but it happens.

Future champs? Valtteri and Daniel but they've got to get past the lad from an English council estate first.

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  • I'm just hoping Caterham survives. Bernie is totally wrong thinking everyone only wants to see the top 5 odd teams be competitive.
    Hopefully my Caterham Refuelled shirt arrives in the next few weeks :)
  • My fav Caterham moment in Abu Dhabi
    Need it with sound though :/
  • Williams were aided by the strong Merc engine but it's really good to see them back at the top. Alas we know that the sub top is probably the hardest spot to be as it means you're spending as much as the winners but you don't have the shiny trophies to show for it and hence might have issues securing sponsorship going forward.

    The next years will be crucial for F1 as they will be marked by Bernie's further retreat. Heaven knows who will come after that. I am too young to remember the days of Jean-Marie Balestre but I'm told it wasn't pretty.
  • Has anyone done the math on the FM challenge yet by the way?
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