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I'm getting so close to the point where......

I give up on this sport. Of all the things wrong with it, they choose quali to change. McLaren seem to think the best way to improve racing is to make the cars heavier and increase downforce. And if I hear Toto Woolf say one more time it has to be road relevant, I'll fair dinkum spew. Ask Toto how many of his manufacturers road going cars run on 13 inch rims, and, how many mass produced road cars run carbon brake systems.

Thoughts, comments, questions, queries.


  • Agreed, Formula 1 isn't Group N rallying. What really strikes me about those qualifying rules is that they'll only introduce them half way through the season. That's something CART would have done and we all know where they ended up
  • To be honest, I reckon Bernie was just spouting this up to stir the pot. The other stuff though. Jeez, even uneducated bastards like me can figure out the downforce problems with following cars, why can't these rocket scientists!!!
  • They have been so busy chasing the 'fickle' fan (the one who watches the first 15 seconds of a race for a crash) that they have forgotten about the real fans. Flappy wings, chocolate tyres, quali: all tricks, no magic.

    I can not imagine 'giving up' on F1 but many old school purists have. I found I watched fewer GPs live last season and watched some of them on fast forward on catch-up. I can feel myself drifting away.

    However ... its F1. Its Albert Park. Its Lewis. Its Williams. Its Toro Rosso. Of course I'll be watching.
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    That's my conundrum Simon, the last thing I want to do is walk away. Just so bloody frustrating. Now, I generally watch the first 10-15 laps live, then record and watch the rest at a time more convenient. Used to be a time when I'd take consecutive Mondays off work in order to stay up watch the Canadian and US GP's, because the telecast didn't start live here until 0200h. This year, due to a scheduling conflict, I'll not even be in Melbourne for the race. 5 years ago I would never have considered leaving the place during GP weekend.
  • Don't worry boys. I'll have a cold one for you all trackside on Saturday. I won't know what's going on and too drunk to care as they whisper by. Giddy up...
  • The only way to understand that quali was by being 'extremely refreshed'.
  • on what I wonder :)
  • And instead today in Barcelona Max Verstappen re-wrote history......
    And finally the Senna-Prost between Nico and Clewlis happened, hahaha, very curious to see what happens now.
    But today let's all celebrate Max, after Leicester another event that will still be spoken about in 50 years time!!!!
  • When a bunch of petrolheads like us think like this.
    When Hockenheim is half empty.
    When drivers are so woefully under-used that they look box fresh on the podium.
    When you start watching races on catch-up ...

    Its sad.
  • The sad thing is Viges, I'm not sure it's going to get better anytime soon.
  • Are you guys watching any other form of racing instead?
  • No, not getting better anytime soon I guess......
    It's a Formula where if a driver tries to give more he damages the aerodynamics and ends up slower.
    That's mad....
  • RJ, Yes, I watch Sprint Cup, IndyCar and the local V8 category on a regular basis. I'm also prone to watch other series if nothing else is on.

    Even Hamilton talks about too much aero, so what did they come up with to fix things. Bigger tyres, and just to balance that out, an increase in aero. WTF are they thinking with?????
  • What they need are single plane wings, big tyres and bigger balls...
  • One thing they could do would be to show Max a copy of the rules. I don't think he was correct in any of his maneuverings. There is this whole thing going on about track limits at the moment, and he almost didn't have any of his car on the track at La Source. Mind you, he does have one of Roo's requirements.
  • Does Max still matter? Or are we not talking about the same Max?
  • I think Lease is referring to the Max of the tulip variety, not the Max of the slap and tickle in the basement variety.
  • the tulip Max has gone a bit over the top in saying Lauda should go to the psychiatrist. First thing of a champion is respect of the peers and predecessors. Ok, he's only 19. But old enough to understand this, I guess........
  • He has gone very quiet since then though. At the moment, Ricciardo has his measure and that can't be going down at all well. To be the next big thing, you need to be the next big thing.
  • A bit like Cameron saying "I was the future, once"
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