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Renault has a secret?

Curious move from Ricciardo. Not curious in the sense that he was always going to look for something away from Red Bull. History was clearly looking to repeat itself there and the only sensible thing was to get out. This one is curious in how Renault have changed their tune about how much money they wanted to spend on their long-term plan. Whatever the amount that is actually in Daniel's contract, it is almost certainly a significant amount. So why becomes the question? Would you spend that much money and change your philosophy just to get a name? Logic suggests that this represents a paradigm shift, and that paradigm must have something to do with either the amount of money that they are intending to spend on the car, or something that they have discovered in the car or engine that indicates major improvement coming. Theorise on this for example. What if Renault have an engine on the Dyno that is promising a major lift in horsepower? Introducing the engine now means also giving it to Red bull at some point. That means letting Red Bull in on the secret, and who wants that when their loyalty is out the door and getting in the taxi? That is just one thought though. If it were happening you would likely see that engine put into one car for the last couple of races for a little track time, and even then they wouldn't let it's potential become obvious.

So what (if anything) are Renault up to, one wonders?


  • There's also the fact that they have left, or, are leaving, Formula E. So that may also give them some further expertise on the hybrid side of things that they have not previously had in the F1 team. That would also be freeing up a pretty fair budget as well as engineers that could move across.
  • For sure Daniel is not an idiot and if he did it there must be a reason. Apart of course from the jump into the darkness RBR are doing with Honda and from the obvious fact Horner and Dr. Marko privilege Max and the Vettel-Ricciardo story is going to repeat itself.....
  • In the end, the way things are playing out this season, that is starting to to look like reason enough.
  • Yeah. Renault's secret is that the car is still crap. Great con job.
  • You only have to listen to Cyril talk, and they don't even seem to care that much. After what happened at the start in Melbourne, Daniel was talking about getting the replacement parts on the car asap, and keeping up the pace of development, "Abiteboul comes out says that Daniel needs to keep his expectations in check as we're not a top team and we don't operate like a top team." WTF!!!!! Then maybe, Cyril, that's why you're not a top team. He has made a few little statements similar to that since then, and I'm really starting to wonder if this move will work.

    Maybe Daniel is a little ahead of the curve thinking that Seb might pull the pin in 18 months time, after not having won a title at TOIT and he can slot in their with Leclerc. Who know, but I'm starting to get a bad felling that the Reggie experiment isn't going to end well for DR.

    I hope I'm wrong for his sake.
  • I hope you're wrong too, Oz. he is the only driver, with max, that really made me enjoy F1 in the last few years!! And he is a WC in my opinion, and deserves to have a real chance.
  • Complicated reasoning there Oz, but after saying that he had no plans to quit, Vettel shows that he is pretty pissed off with the way that things are working. It is a shame that we have talent like Max and Hamilton, and Ricciardo, and Vettel, and probably Leclerc soon, that the racing is so crap. It pushed Alonso out, and maybe Vettel too in the long run.

    It's all corporate though, isn't it? Merc choosing Bottas was so strategic. They simply do not want two high talents in the team, and for the next two years, they get to control everything. Similar with Ferrari, but they also have hopeless management.

    Renault showed in Canada that they have a better engine, but not a better car. Not by a very long shot. It is purgatory for Ricciardo for this year at least. That is, unless we see one of those old days moves of buying the contract out. Damn good race by Hulk though. If he had ever managed to be consistent, he would have had a very different career.
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