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o shit



  • You ought to see what I do with your avatar when you are not looking.
    I liked Full Monty, but being from Birmingham is not the same than Sheffield. Quig's getting nasty :hehe:
    I guess he edited the pic and put a 'kiss da cook' apron:angel:
  • Choice between TDW and Kiesa?

    I know who I'd choose.
  • For the moment Kiesa is left dangling... He should have been confermed last week, but wasn't. Imho there's a lot of negotiation going on. But what the outcome of it wil be....?!
  • See the "Where does this leave Zsolt?"-thread !!!!!!!
  • I've read it, but it doesn't give an answer either....;)
  • Graham Jones no longer denies (nor conferms) the return of the so called "Boss". We'll know within 9 days. Maybe it's for the best, afterall: nothing will then stand in the way of Trust re-emerging as a sponsor of the team. Just so you know.

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    [Edited on 8/2/2005 by Selespeed]
  • Noclue, you need to find a new avatar

    He's Oznomad with improved vision ;)
  • Graham Jones no longer denies (nor conferms) the return of the so called "Boss". We'll know within 9 days.
    Where did Graham say this?
    And what happens in 9 days ?????
  • I've got a link to a dutch site with a statement from Graham where he says that it is teampolicy not to talk about possible drivers until someone really signs a contract. So he can't confirm nor deny the rumours about V. possibly signing for the second seat. Further he is quoted that the second and third (friday)driver within 9 days will be announced.

  • Why can't these ferign devil websites post in English? There ought to be a law.
  • whatever the language, pray, my brothers, pray
  • Why should it be Verstappen after all? He's looking for the ChampCar and it was Kiesa who was testing at Misano, not Jos. Grahams did not deny the rumour, that's all. If you would have asked hinm about Michael Schumacher, he would have said the same thing....


  • Damn, beat me to it.

  • image

    Allright, you won

    [Edited on 8/2/2005 by Homer]
  • HE DIED? Why the hell don't I get these memo's? What the hell did he die of?

    Bummer - another high profile Mac user bytes the dust.

  • It was a heart attack.

    To his honour, the 25ht of may is celebrated as "towel day"
  • Please stay on topic
  • Who the hell are you?
  • whatever the language, pray, my brothers, pray
    According to a map previously posted in the pub section, I live in Jesusland. So do I still have to pray, I think there is enough of that happening here.
  • Who the hell are you?
    Can't you read? I'm Nardi. And I started this topic with serious meanings. I know i'm knew here, but I prefer to go of topic in the pub section.

    The rumors of T.D.W. getting back is getting stronger over here. And I believe he's the best choiche for Minardi.

    And no i'm not a trouble maker like that Scuderia Mark. but yes I'm dutch.

    As the finishing touch, God created the Dutch
  • Not only do YOU need to pray but do penance as well.
  • Are we only praying against Jos (can you really pray against somebody?) or also for Zsolt? :angel:
  • whatever the language, pray, my brothers, pray
    Anti-TDW: pray to the devil
    Pro-TDW: pray to god

    Personally I still believe Zsolt is working on securing the 2nd seat !!!!!! (no sources, just a gut-feeling)

    Quig, why English???
    Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world (after Chinese of course). English comes after Spanish !!!!
    Even your club name is in Spanish: San Francisco (St. Francis);)
  • Minardus - tell me about it. My wife is teaching Spanish to MCSF Junior - he's gonna need it just to get by here in California soon.
  • image

    How about a Spanish Speaking second Driver?
  • image

    Now speaking of shit whats this the Bat Mobile?
  • I know Verstappen fans aren't always as realistic. But you guys.... just as bad ;)
  • The hurry up already - the sooner we have all the pieces in place the sooner we can get started in earnest.
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