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Misano test - Day 1

Alright, let's collect information in this thread.

Weather once again looks like this:


Fairly cool weather with a low just below the freezing mark.

No official announcement on this one so we're left guessing on who will run what days. My guess would be Albers both days and Chanock and Kiesa joining for a day each.

In regards to the testing itself, I would hope to see a PS05 or a definitive interim car by this test. Albers has had enough miles to get himself comfortable and it's time to get some real work done. Same goes for Nissany.

Alright, let's keep an eye out for the lunchtime batch of pictures.


  • Let the pics speak:
  • F1racing,net states that today is cancelled:
    The Minardi Formula One team arrived at the Italian Misano track on Thursday for a two-day test. The first day of testing was cancelled though because there was too much snow at the track.

    The asphalt itself was snow-free, but the gravel was completely covered in snow. The circuit was unable to give the Italian team permission to drive the car today. Christijan Albers and Nicolas Kiesa showed up at the track for nothing and had to enjoy themselves with the team.

    On Friday the team hopes it can start its testing program.

    Friday evening F1Racing.net will bring you an interview with Christijan Albers and Nicolas Kiesa in our video section, with hopefully some action from Misano.
  • So it IS Kiesa.....
  • So, will we also test on saturday?
  • So, will we also test on saturday?
    On sabbat ???:rolleyes:
  • :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

    Maybe we can convert him to the islam....
  • Oh yes we can, but then fridays are out:hehe::hehe:
  • Allright, what about this:

    On Friday, he's a Jew and on Saturday, he's a muslim. Solves every problem.

    So there's only one question left....

    will we test on saturday or not? ;)
  • A Jew on friday
    a muslim on saturday
    and christian on sunday
  • p.s. moreover, christian+sunday=KIESA (chiesa is church in italian).

    It works...
  • Who are you kidding? The Jew and the Muslim would kill eachother while the Christian provided help to each of them.
  • Well, the question is: is there going to be snow in the gravel trap tomorrow, or not? Is there staff at Misano for this?
  • Who are you kidding? The Jew and the Muslim would kill eachother while the Christian provided help to each of them.
    No help. The Christian asks for a Cappuccino with double sugar. (scusi. maybe it's a bad joke)
  • New Minardi tester in misano


  • the Christian is Albers (I thought it was clear)
  • :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:
  • New Minardi tester in misano


    How much cash does he bring us?
  • the Christian is Albers (I thought it was clear)
    Seems to have had a "j" stolen from him. :P
  • He is cool.....
  • He is cool.....
    we're getting worse and worse:hehe:
  • Why do we have to test at these tracks at thsi time of the year. Is there some sort of winter discount?

    Look, we need to get your asses to Spain and start acting like the big boys - that or go souoth to somewhere near Salvvo - what is that bitchin' track down in Calabria?

    Either way snowball throwing is not testing - you can't even get good benchmarks on component testing due to the cold - it just does not translate very well to the conditions the cars will encounter during the season.

  • Salvo is on fire! :hehe:
    Maybe we can get Andrea Chiesa, instead of Kiesa, that'll be more Christian.
  • Hey I like the idea of the snowman.......might be quicker than that Indian guy at Midland!!!
    Anyway at least we know he would'nt slate the team and he'd come in handy for cocktails afterwards!!
  • Quig: Vallelunga.
    But don't think it's hot THERE !!!!

    About Kiesa: maybe he wasn't officially confirmed yet, because PS wanted to wait Jordan's line-up.
    Now that they signed KKyan and Monteiro, he might want to renegotiate with Zsolt or with Doornbos !!!!
  • Minardus - thanks but I am not sure that is the track I was thinking of. I'll have to dig up my Euro tracks guide. It is a bitchin track - not sure if it is up to FIA F1 standards.

    Either way driving to Spain to test is not that big of a deal - especially in light of the fact that weather cancelled today so it is lost.
  • there's a nice track here in Sicily, Pergusa (Enna).
    many years ago, I saw a young Ivan Capelli winning there.
  • I think that is it - ummmmm does it have a crazy chicane on it?
  • don't ask too much
    I don't know wich track are you talking about (in Calabria?)
    but vallelunga is not in calabria.
  • Faenza - Cheste (Valencia circuit) = 1542 Km.

    The team should have put 2 drivers on the truck this morning, to be there in 18 hours time !!!!!
    Like that they could have tested there tomorrow !!!!!
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