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  • I think you'll find it's Sauber. They may be alot more expensive to purchase, but it would be of greater value courtesy of their great facilities and record of the past few seasons. (consistant point scorers alot of the time)

    I doubt it would be VW though. If anything I think it'd be GM looking at strengthening say the Saab brand - a minor but still rival to Mercedes and BMW.
  • and boy do we (I) love Saab!


  • I really doubt Paul is selling the team.
  • You're a strange one, RJ!
  • c'mon just look at it, it's so sweet. That's what my first money will be going to if my dark side wins it:angel:
  • link to some pics of the new Saab 9-3 combi/estate ;-) looks awesome...its a swedish newspaper, says that the car was first halted by GM because of Saabs poor finances but its finally on its way this summer...expected to sell a LOT i sweden :-)

  • image

    sheds a tear... this is soooo beautiful....

    in the US they have a Saab 9-2 I found out the other day. Looks very nice as well but the 9-3 is still way better
  • To stay on topic: it will probably be BAR !!!!

    The FIA President Max Mosley had lunch yesterday with members of the British media and mentioned in passing that one of the independent teams in F1 is, he thinks, in the process of being sold. The remark has been interpreted that it must mean that Sauber is up for sale but people forget that there are seven independent teams in the Formula 1 World Championship. Only three (Ferrari, Renault and Toyota) are wholly-owned by an automobile company.

    British American Racing is 45% owned by Honda but is moving towards Honda ownership now that British American Tobacco has indicated that it has no need for F1 in the future. One must assume that this is the team to which Mosley was referring.

    There is no sign that any of the other teams are talking about deals with anyone. McLaren is 40% owned by Mercedes-Benz but the remaining 60% remains independent and full takeover talks have gone quiet in recent months; Williams is 100%-owned by Frank Williams and Patrick Head. Sauber is partly-owned by Credit Suisse but the control of decision-making rests with Peter Sauber and he shows no signs of quitting the sport and it is irrelevant who owns the other shares. Minardi belongs to Paul Stoddart and he is not selling; Jordan has sold to the Midland Group and Jaguar Racing has been flogged to Red Bull.

    If anything the sale of BAR will one day strengthen the hand of manufacturers in F1 - and it is therefore odd that Mosley would want to draw attention to such negotiations given that he seems to be at odds with all but Ferrari at the moment.
  • RJ - as far as i'm aware, the Saab 9-2 is a repackaged Subaru WRX. Yep, boxer engine, turbo, four wheel drive, but it has a Saab skin.

    Not a very good looking car from memory. :(
  • I'm a GM hater, but I have to agree with RJ. Saabs are beautiful cars. I'd like me a 9-3 Viggen in light metalic blue thanks. :hehe:
  • I like Saab, Scania and Volvo. Swedish tech is safe and elegant.
  • has this press conference on tuesday something to do with this thread topic?

  • So, Friesacher WILL get the (Third?) seat !!!!!!

    BTW, RJ take note:
    Graham Jones
    Communications Manager, Minardi F1 Team, Mobil +44 7767 301303, e-mail gjones@minardi.it
  • Klagenfurt... too far away from here I'm afraid, especially in the winter

    I have his contact information already, Minardus
  • image

    here you go brooksey!

    it's the old model though because there is no 'viggen' or 'gripen' for that matter (saab always name the sporty model after their fighter jets and the successor of the viggen is the gripen www.gripen.com) of the new 9-3.
  • I'm devastated. Yesterday I go on the Seat website and find out that my model of car has stopped production by the look of it. I have to trade my little car in this year and was pretty intent on getting the top of the range one of this model the 16valve 1.4 sport in omni yellow, now I don't know what I'm going to do cos I don't want the next model up...
  • Anyway back to the for sale signs going up, has Stoddie already publicly stated that Minardi is off the market until at least 2007/8?
  • Yes, he did in the Autosport interview recently (although that's no reason to believe him!).

    Grandprix.com doesn't believe it's Minardi. Sauber, BAR?
  • That'll do me RJ! :D :cool:

    Perhaps it's BAR? Honda may take up the option of buying the team outright?
  • http://www.paddocktalk.com/news/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=4845&newlang=&topic=1&catid=1

    could it get any worse? should this be true....

    wouldn't be surprised that the fire-sale is us...
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