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Something Is Going On...

in Austria so it seems.

From Faenza:


All interested Media are invited to attend


When: Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where: Casino Velden, Casineum, 9220 Velden, Carinthia-Austria

Time: 1600 hrs local

Please register your intention to attend with the following:

Armin Somrak

Public Sport, mobile e-mail office@publicsport.at

What big time companies are from Austria? Superfund title sponsor...???????


Graham Jones

Communications Manager, Minardi F1 Team, mobile




From the North: Autobahn Salzburg-München, A10 Tauernautobahn Salzburg-Villach, A2 Südautobahn Villach direction Klagenfurt, Exit Velden-West
From the South: Autobahn Udine-Villach bzw. Ljubljana-Villach, A2 Südautobahn Villach direction Klagenfurt, Exit Velden-West
From the East: A2 Südautobahn via Graz - Klagenfurt Richtung Villach, Exit Velden-West
From Ljubljana: via Autobahn A11 "Karawankenautobahn"



Airport Klagenfurt (25 km)
Airport Ljubljana (120 km)
Airport Graz (150 km)
Airport Salzburg (220 km)
Airport Vienna (350 km)


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  • Friesacher as third driver.

  • As I allready wrote in my thread about the Press Call, I'm pretty sure they will announce Friesacher as third or maybe even secound driver (it's still possible, according to F1Total.com).
  • Yes, but your thread does not have as cool a title as mine.
  • You won. ::(

    However, according to F1Total.com, Friesacher has allready signed, but it isn't decided yet if he become the 2nd or the 3rd driver.
  • I wonder if there are big sponsorbucks from new Austrian companies.

    I mean, we already have Superfund, RedBull already has their own team and McLaren have Wurz !!!
    What can Friesacher offer us ???? > FlyNiki ??:rolleyes:
  • Maybe Lederhousen are going to make a big comeback.
  • According to Max on F1 Live there is still an independant team for sale:rolleyes:
  • That's BAR,which will sell to Honda.
  • Can't imagine the guy as second driver, though I'd like him better than Zsolt or Kiesa. Well Zsolt is fine, now he has some experience. It'd be nice if he can reamin for another season, Minardi needs some experience to set up the new car in April
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