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Hey bud - how much do you know about Spanish motorcycles?

Montesa Crono's to be more precise. There is one on ebay and I am interested in it but I think the price is way too high and the condition is questionable.

Are you anywhere near this guy?





  • Quig - it looks very expensive for a 350cc 2 stroke

    It was never imported to the US or Canada so you will have trouble finding parts.

    Why do you want one ???
  • Looks very motorcycle diares to me.

    Maybe Quig can head on a trip down south and re-learn a few things :P
  • Ain't midlife crisis's such a bitch! ;)
  • Naw - not a nid lifer. I have had these urges for years. The list of Spanish and other obscure bikes, my Mustangs, Capris, etc etc yadda yadda is long. I see interesting vehicles and I pick them up so as to save them from destruction or abuse and to give me more mechanical headaches to brighten my days.

    However, if it were not for some of these bikes that appreciated in value I would not have been able to go to Imola.
  • I see interesting vehicles and I pick them up so as to save them from destruction or abuse and to give me more mechanical headaches to brighten my days.
    Emmitt for some reason I can picture you saying these words with a pipe hanging out one side of your mouth on a rockign chair!! :P
  • Quig, I don't know anything about motorcycles.
    I'm sorry.
  • Cool - thanks anyway. I'll find one of these one day. or I'll have to go back to Spain!
  • Quig all these bikes are made in Catalunya, close to Barcelona. Derbi is better than Montesa IMHO. I liked very much the Rabasa.
    I think the top quality spaniard bike are the trial ones, several brands. But still not biker expert at all (though like watching american choppers in discovery channel)
  • Derbi is good - they import the small ones here but back in the day the Montesa was the king of the Spanish bikes. I have a Rapita in pieces and it is quite nice - the details that they kept in mind even though Spain was in a bad way under Franco.

    The hard thing is to find a Spanish street bike - the Rapita I have is good but it is only a 250 (I weigh 210 pounds) and it still has only drum brakes. The Crono is a more modern bike with discs etc.

    I'll find one.
  • Wasn't Montesa bought out by Honda years ago?
  • Thanks jumpey - I already belong to SMOG. It is a great club but they have very few event on the Left Coast.

    Thanks too for the Euro bike link ,,, however the Euro is kicking the $ ass right now so most of what comes out of Europe is way too pricey. The Imola trip is going to kick my financial ass.
  • ^You can thank the dumbass you voted for, Quig. His responsability :hehe:
    Dollar has been weak for so long now, it's starting to look crappy in Europe. Even here in the yank colonies people are beginning to invest in euros
  • Ahh but its fantastic when I go on holiday to Cincinnati!!!! :D
  • Yer lousy punds are a different thing Matt. When are you going to drop them for euros? Stubborn poms...:spank:
  • Ahh but the pound is stronger than the Euro....why the hell would we want to?
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