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Minardi has withdrawn the legal challenge!

This means Minardi has chosen to drive with the 2005spec cars! This will be a long night for the boyz!!!


What was all this shit about Mr. Stoddart?!


  • This best be the end of this stupidity and it had better mean we are racing:mad:

    I have every confidence that the crews can ge the job done and make the cars safe and legal in time as long as the parts are really there.

    FORZA TEAM!!!!
  • They better have the new parts already available. To make the difuser comply they would have to slice bits off the old one and then it would not be a very smart move to run a car like that. It would technically comply, however would not only be 10 secs slower than others but could be dangerously unstable especially at high speed. And with rookies behind the wheel...
    We know Stoddart is playing games since he brought the 2005 aerodynamics package to Australia. The question is what is the game and who are all the players?
  • If we had the parts at the garage - why all the trouble Mr Stoddard !!!!!!!!!!! :spank:

    I don't care if we havn't tested them - at least we can battle on 'equal' grounds and feel proud if we get in the points
  • How can something stink and be a soap as well?

    This is all so crazy. I hate it. What the f*** is happening??

    I'm off for a holiday so won't be able to visit FM.com on a regular base for the next 10 days. I hope sincerely everything will turn into something good (for the sport and Minardi especially).

    Try to relax and have fun you all with sunday's grandprix !!!
  • Cheers Stoddie, thatnks for wasting the other 9 teams time, thanks for wasting the FIAs time, thanks for wasting the courts time, thanks for wasting the fans time. And now thanks for putting out lads under tonnes and tonnes of pressure. Thanks.
  • All good points gentlemen but if this is the route that has been decided upon and it will let us race then now is the time to get behind the team and show them that all the hard work under the massive pressure is worth it and people (us) appreciate it.
  • I am wondering if this whole thing was just a stupid publicity stunt? In the end, it showed PS will do anything, TOIT isnt afraid to look like arrogrant pigs, and that maybe the saying "any publicity is good publicity" doesnt always hold true! :spank:
  • As per the Gazzetta dello Sport website, Flavio Briatore does not have very nice words for P.Stoddart.

    Nonetheless.....good luck boys!!!!!!!Bring her home!
  • All i can say is thank goodness we are racing!
  • Braitore said that he signed Stoddart's paper only because he was tired of him, cos he insisted too much, and then Flavio said to the journalist: "Now, let's speak about serious issues..."
  • I read Briatore's comment on Stoddart's behavious and the guy has got a point. For two days the press has been talking about nothing else than Minardi. CNN for example hasn't even mentioned a word about McLaren being fastest in free practice BUT they mentioned that Paul Stoddart and Minardi did certain things. The guy stole the show completely. Good thing or a bad thing? who knows? some say that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    Again I'm lost for words when trying to make sense of this but Stoddie must know what he is doing I'd say
  • "What was all this shit about Mr. Stoddart?!"

    Back in the mid-70's, there was a very popular decal seen in the Grand Prix paddocks.... "James Hunt is a steaming turd"......what was pretty funny was that the McLaren boys put a couple on the sides of Hunt's car (remember, this was pre-Ron)...... wonder if any of our Minardi boys would be a little bit tempted to add a modified version of said decal to the cars as they are busting their butts in getting those cars up to 2005 specs? I know I would be mighty tempted..............

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  • I read the release on Atlas and nowhere in it do I see that the order has been given to get to work on the car. I guess we will have to wait and see if indeed the parts were brought to Oz.

  • God- stop the bleating of the sheep. Stoddart owns minardi. If he wants to call the team Stoddart tomorrow he could. If you support the team then you should support him.
  • Emmo

    Pitpass in their story on the latest happenings suggests that Minardi is going to bring the cars up to 2005 spec. Stoddart is not quoted in the story as ordering this to be done.
  • Never seen this exposure for Minardi in the past 10 years
  • There is that old saying...."there is no such thing as bad publicity".................. not so sure that I agree with that.....
  • Today I wanted to write a portrait of stoddart for my newspaper but there wasn't room (anyway Minardi is the main news in the F1 page)
    I'll try again tomorrow
    I guess the right title would be "Il rompipalle" (The Ball Breaker):hehe:
  • In this case whose balls are being busted?
  • Yours you would think;)
  • Never seen this exposure for Minardi in the past 10 years
    It even made the TV-news here in Spain (sports section)!!!!!!

    I'm sure that for many people that don' t watch F1 (but of course know the name Ferrari) it was the first time they ever heard of Minardi!!!!!:cool:
  • ... and what a fine introduction it is.
  • Friesacher's Minardi is running this morning.... grazie Massimo!!
    Albers hasn't come out...yet

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  • Albers is now out on the track
  • Not on the tube is it? BTW - 05 spec?
  • looking at live timing on the www.formula1.com site.....Emmo I'm guessing it has to be 2005 spec....how else would they be out there....i also hope it is wet/raining in that Albers is at 1:56.....
  • Ya - sorry stupid questions ... but the fact that an 05 set up was available is getting my irish up.

  • Kimi: 1:43.526
    Monteiro 1:53.457
    Albers 1:55.490
    Karthikeyan 1:57.826
    Friesacher 2:00.782

  • 1st session over
    #1 M Schumacher 1:40.540 5 laps

    Minardi VS Jordan/Midland

    Karthikeyan 1:45.641 10 laps
    Albers 1:48.566 10 laps
    Monteiro 1:53.457 5 laps
    Friesacher 1:53.507 11 laps

    Karthikeyan and Friesacher set their best times in the later 1/4 of the session.....Albers set his time fairly early as did Monteiro.
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