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  • Hey all! I've been living under a rock for the past months so first off Happy New Year! I just read the article about Massimo! Congrats!!! RJ, Hope all is well. Neil, refreshing that some people always remain so consistent! :P Viges..... I'm ord…
  • Methinks STR is high on his list, although he will not return while Max is around. .... and is Max now a short timer? interesting turn of events I would say...
  • From what I understand everyone in Champ Car is still unsure what is going to happen... ____________________________________________________ IRL, Champ Car merger talks stalled for 2008 John Korobanik, Canwest News Service Published: Monday, Februa…
  • I think if you grab the handlebar in the lower right corner of the cell and drag down the column or over the row to the final cell you want the to order to follow in, it will do it automatically. that is assuming that i am understanding your questi…
    in excel Comment by bernie November 2007
  • congrats!
  • I have a ton of pics from 2005-2005. RJ, you want me to burn you a disc and send it to you? email me and send me the address you want me to post it to.
  • ....haven't seen it but from the reviews I have read it is not even close to being historically accurate.. Considering how important this piece of history is int he world I am surprised that they didn't try to be a bit more accurate
    in 300 Comment by bernie April 2007
  • yes, RJ, thanks. I need to dig that info out for you. I'm taking a vacation day today and desperately trying not to do anything work related. I'm catching up on my reading. The wife and I agreed last nite that we're going to go to the Champ Car …
  • I got a similar error yesterday. I'm running Safari on a you know. Only happened once.
  • it's good to see the debating livin up again here. [Edited on 14-4-07 by bernie]
  • :cool: Ok, maybe I am missing something. Hamilton has been in the circus for 2 races. He got two podiums. Jenson may be hyped up in the Brit press I think the young lad Hamilton is doing a pretty damn good job. "overhyped" ?!?!? yea, kind a lik…
  • Hey, at least Hamilton admited that he was hot in the car and, possibly, hinted, that he could be be better shape. Kimi, on the other hand has so much raw talent but he probably needs to be a bit more dedicated to the sport.
  • it's bookmarked!
    in my website Comment by bernie April 2007
  • according to Inca heiroglyphs the world is going to end in 2012..:cool:
    in Climate BS Comment by bernie April 2007
  • There seems to be many schools of thought on climate change. One school states that the greenhouse effect has stopped the normal climate change to to an overall earth cooling (ice age) while another states that it is just a matter of time before th…
    in Climate BS Comment by bernie April 2007
  • yea, kinda like a team called "hindenburg";)
    in Zylon Comment by bernie March 2007
  • TOIT is just moving closer to orange vermilion, also called "International Orange" It's the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. Those TOIT guys are just trying to get in on all the good vibes of us MCSF'rs!;):D:D:D
    in Ferrari Red Comment by bernie March 2007
  • Originally posted by Petroltorque Rosberg is simply too hard on the car. Williams reliable level of prformance is where Wurz is. I suppose the same could have been said for Kimi last year.... both team and driver have to work out those kinks. Ferna…
    in Williams Comment by bernie April 2007
  • Too bad Willaims can't make the mechanical problems STOP! I was liking Nico an dAlex moving up through the ranks and getting some competition at the front.
    in Williams Comment by bernie April 2007
  • I am personally kind of happy about Williams performance. ...and it is nice that they are looking more reliable than last year
    in Williams Comment by bernie March 2007
  • Toro Rosso poke fun at buyout rumours Making light of takeover rumours 08/04/07 16:58 Toro Rosso has cast a predictably humorous light on rumours this weekend that the German race car builder HWA could launch a $150m bid to buy Gerhard Berger's 50 p…
  • Neil, I haven't been here in while myself. Just saw the posting! A big warm CONGRATS to you and the wife!
    in MICHAEL! Comment by bernie March 2007
  • Viges, BTW, I got some rather cool photos that i can offer for your book....including the garage doors shut at Spa when he was announcing the STR buy... let me know if you want the CD's
  • I've been reading a bit of late on the subject of "peak oil" According to Wikipedia: "The Hubbert peak theory posits that for any given geographical area, from an individual oil field to the planet as a whole, the rate of petroleum production tends…
  • if you have iCal, on a Mac, you can download the calender file to your iCal or even your outlook calender. it list all the races, the qual's, the previous year results, and tons of other refernece material that you would have to be a television ann…
  • Space Junk. That is funny. I liked it!
  • ...and this surprised you??? Here, read this, this is funny: > Why men's letters to Dear Abby are never printed: > > > > Dear Abby, > > I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice on what could be a crucial…
  • The more things change the more they remain the same: Sent an email to enquiries at Minarditeamusa dot com and got 511 error: "no mailbox here by that name"
  • cool. thanks. I sent them an email to find out about swag. time will tell