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transfering something via ftp

Anyone here know what they're doing? Honestly, I know 2/5ths of fuck all when it comes to computers, unless it's running data logging software!

Anyways, I need to send some things through to RJ for FM but I havent a clue how. Anyone here able to help?


  • Sorry...I'm an even bigger nitwit. I would use an envelope;)
  • Just email stuff through RJs forzaminardi address under "Contact", on the Minardi menu left of this panel.

    RJ can then tell you if there's a better way.

  • To keep it simple you could try this:

    1) In the explorer address bar type: ftp://insert-address-tof-ftp-here
    2) It will most likely ask you for a username or password.
    3) When that's done, you will probably be able to make a new folder, and drag your stuff to it.

    If this doesn't work, the FTP probably requires PASV mode, which I don't think explorer supports. You will need a special FTP client in that case.

    But first try this, good luck! :)

    [Edited on 15/8/2005 by Stan]
  • hmm...didn't work Stan. That envelope option is sounding pretty good! :D

    I can't send it to his e-mail because he's on dialup and it takes too long to upload.
  • Ack, well... I could give you a temporary FTP account on my domain if I knew how to contact you outside of this forum.
  • Why doesn't RJ just set up an account for Brooksey..? :angel:
  • I think he already gave Brooksey a username and password? Which didn't work...

    But now you mention it, I just assumed he had them, if he doesn't have them it will be very hard to upload anything at al.. ;)
  • You could always just get an account on Geocities, Freewebs, etc and just upload to there if you're just trying to upload them so he can get to them.
  • By the time he gets the data to RJ it will be next season!
  • Never mind. I figured out how to work FTP and have the stuff to do it. Now just waiting on RJ to send info.
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