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The new car:



  • Last time I checked, this was a Minardi supporters forum....
    There is nothing wrong with being critical of the team, but its about balance.
    If you want to endlessly slag off Minardi go to Verstappen.nl :P

    And yes, we will start "the season with a car that Stoddart described as ****ed". But for the first time in years we will have a new chassis - yet you focus on the negative :angel:
  • I don't think you'll find that Stoddart ever said anything about the PS04B being fucked.
  • http://www.forzaminardi.com/modules.php?name=XForum&file=viewthread&tid=123
    Rowlinson: I spoke to Stoddart after the race and he's normally quite resilient. But this time he said 'the sport's f***ed, our car's f***ed. I don't want to go racing like this, everything's shit. All I want to do is go home'.
    It seems anything said in Autosport is fact according to Petrol.....
  • Interesting choice of words. heh.
  • I've got no problem with support. But Stoddart has got to provide something worth supporting. Every year we get the same new car better performance spiel. Only to realise at the end of the season it was all ****. You buy into that if you want to . I choose to reserve judgement!
  • Yes but this year it's not bullshit Petrol. I know crying wolf doesn't help people trust you, but take my word for it. There is a new car being built. Um, a few of them actually.
  • Petrol does no tneed me taking up for him but he, and for many years, has been a solid and outspoken supporter of the Team. All of us old timers are bummed based on the performances of the car since, yes I am saying this, Stoddie took over.

    Back in the day there was a new car or even B spec cars on a regular basis. This will be our first NEW car in years.

    Petrol, and I may be speaking out of turn, but he like many of us wan to go back to the

    "...show up, keep up, shut up..."


  • Amen to that but until then, I'd like to keep things as factual and honest as possible.
  • as factual ... as possible
    Fact: Petrol is slinging shit at Stoddart for saying the old car is shit.
    Fact: We are building a new car.

    Fact: Petrol needs to get his news from FM.com and not Autosport :angel:
  • I don't get Autosport anymore - does it or does it not state that PS said those things? Wasn't it Viges who originally posted that quote?
  • It was viges indeed. I am always skeptical of quotes that don't appear in more than one place, though.
  • Okay, so Viges - one of the most respected fans in the Minardi community despite his ability to understnad REAL English - and Petrol who is as true a supporter of the Team as I both can point to a quote and you youngins' want to challenge.

    I'll put you over my knee.
  • We don't want to challenge anything. We're just curious why every post that Petrol makes is an indictment of Stoddart rather than some factual and informative, as he used to.
  • Ummmmmmm, isn't Petrol using PS's own words as the basis of his argument?
  • Supposedly.

    We could spend all day collecting indicting quotes or we can have meaningful discussions about Minardi.

    Bottom line is that I'm not a fan, but I'm tired of bashing him non-stop. We need Jos back for that.
  • Bottom line is that I'm not a fan

    You are reportedly a huge Minardi fan...care to shed some light on your statement?
  • I think young Jello means: "I'm not a fan of Stoddart"
  • We need Jos back for that.
    Disagree! But what about Zlobin?
  • What about Zlobin? - exactly weve heard nothing from him or aboot him, lets keep it that way.
  • Old car to start with new engine?
    From F1live:
    Minardi's PS05 race debut only in April
    At the San Marino GP

    Like other teams, Minardi will not start the 2005 season with a new car. The small Italian team has a good excuse: the technical regulation was finalised very late, giving very little time for the engineers to develop a new car.

    At least Minardi will be getting the same Cosworth engines as Red Bull, which is an excellent news for Paul Stoddart's team.

    Minardi's Technical Director, Gabriele Tredozi, has started to work on the upcoming PS05, which should be introduced - if everything goes well - at the San Marino Grand Prix at the end of April.

    At the same time, Tredozi and his technical staff are working on an evolution of the PS04B to start the 2005 season.

    "Because of the new rules, we will have to start the new season with the old car but it will be powered by the new engine," confirmed Stoddart. "The PS05 should arrive only at Imola, on the 24th of April."
    So they will have no problem running the engine for two races now.

  • Well, that's interesting. Did he said anything about the aerodynaik-package with which they will start the season?
  • Homer, it'll be the '05 aero package as the other teams have not agreed to allow running the '04spec car. So as far as I can tell it will be the '04 car, '05 aero, '05 engine. As somebody said in another thread, a PS04 "C".

    Quig I'll take you on on this statement, "Back in the day there was a new car or even B spec cars on a regular basis. This will be our first NEW car in years.

    Petrol, and I may be speaking out of turn, but he like many of us wan to go back to the

    "...show up, keep up, shut up..."


    Stoddie has always said that survival of the team and it's proud history is his first priority, the Show up, keep up , shut up theory is what got the team into a position that Stoddie was able to take over in the first place.

    We all prattle on in here about surviving and outliving Prost, Arrows, etc and how good that makes Minardi, and I agree on that, but at this particular time in history, we can't have our cake and eat it too. Do we want this team to continue to exist or disappear all together for the sake of a couple of lower mid field results in one season. I'll take survival at the moment in the belief(and hope) that one day we can improve and return to the mid field results on a semi-regular basis of the "Minardi glory days".

    Stoddie may not be everybody's cup of tea, but he ain't no fool either and thankfully he is more than keen to keep the Minardi history alive. He may have different methods to others, and I'm not taking a shot at GCM here, but at least he's in there giving it his best shot. Unfortunatley for him, he's probably picked one the worst periods of F1 history to do it.

    Now climbing down off my soapbox and running away to hide. Bye.............. ;)
  • A cogent argument. Well put! Here endeth the lesson. PS Happy Non denominational winter festival to everyne.:D
  • I typed that out and Oz stole it.
  • did petrol just use a smiley and quote Monty Python, my word it must be christmas
  • According to Eddie the new Judas will hopefully be ready for the race at Silverstone. Until then they will race with a modified EJ14 and the new Toyota engine. I think with the new PS05 ready at Imola, Minardi might be able to close the gap to the old Jordan.
  • Close the gap? Christ, I'd sure hope that we're beating him if that's the situation...
  • I hope that aswell but I try not to expect too much. Or do I sound a bit too pessimistic?
  • Oz - and all the rest. Because we have no idea what other deals were possible at the time of the sale of the Team let us assume that PS "saved" the Team. For this we are all thankful. PS has been in F1 for a very long time in one form or another. I respect him for his ability to keep the Team alive BUT the tim ehas come for us to compete.

    We will probably never know what shape the team REALLY was in at the time of sale. However, it must have been in a financial mess and needed time and skill to sort. PS has done well in this respect.

    I like the choices he has made in key positions - at least the ones that have survived. Tilley - I have faith in him based on m y own assesment as well as others whom I respect. Tredozi too - look people - you cant keep an OLD F1 car up to speed just by will alone. No driver can do it solo either. Tilley/Tred etc have done amazing things to stay 4 - 5 laps down. THIS IS F1! TOIT does not fuck around. I like Rivola as TM/SD and not just because we are friends. I like the US marketing guy... the list goes on. He is a good manager of assests - I just think we nned a good RACE GUY like GCM to run the track sessions/strategy.

    That being said PS said that he has a 5 year plan.

    Time is up Sir.

    I feel that for the first time since 2001 that we have a REAL chance at making this season a new beginning. And not one of these "new beginnings" we have every year.

    Petrol is honest and that scares or angers people. I bet PS would like to hear P torque assesment from time to time. Maybe he does. The tone is sometimes too harsh but the questions come from the heart.

    I read a strory about how my fav band of al time deals with critics. They said that what critics write is pretty meaningless t them, but what TRUE fans say is very powerful.

    I'll look the quote up one day. You all ought to keep it in mind.
  • That being said PS said that he has a 5 year plan.
    Read the Pitpass interview. He admitted the plan failed years ago (After 9-11 fucked the economy)

    [/quote]Time is up Sir. [/quote]
    He doesn't have to answer to you.
    Face facts Quig - Its his team, and he can do with it what he wishes.
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