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The new car:



  • He doesn't have to answer to you.
    Face facts Quig - Its his team, and he can do with it what he wishes.
    True. Funny coming from you - a guy who can't even qualify for the diole.

    Nonetheless, everybody has to answer to somebody. No fans no F1. You Aussies need to come to grips with the fact that PS is NOT God. I support him WITH his flaws but I guess a bit of concstructive criticism is too much too handle.
  • Sorry Quig, but another difference of opinion is brewing. PS is not God, we can agree on that. GCM is not God, here we may differ. Constructive criticism is fine, as long as the whole story is being used on which to base that criticism, and not selected quotes from four years ago, when the world was a completely different place.

    Tilley, Tredozi, Rivola and every other member of the te,am all seem to be doing a pretty reasonable job with the resources they have at their disposal, and I too would like to see GCM back on the pitwall running the team on race days, he seemed to do a pretty good job. Anybody using the five year plan thing as a stick to whip Stoddie with, has either, IMHO, been asleep for the last few years or just plain old wants him out, and if that's the way it is that's fine. If that's what is best for the team then I'm sure PS would go, he has stated this himself, but is it? Who would take over the team? If somebody did, would they put GCM back on the pitwall? Would they retain the Faenza heritage/facilities? Who bloody knows................. Not me that's for sure, so for the moment, I'll take Stoddie,

    He'll continue to act in the way he thinks is best for the survival of the team as a whole, and those members of the team who rely on it for their income. He may make a few enemies along the way, but I don't know if making friends was his motivation for buying an F1 team. He may not do it the way some of us think he should but, better the devil you know, than the one you don't. And while the Minardi name is alive in F1, I'm happy. The only difference will be is that I'll get happier the further we move up the grid, however long it takes, and whoever is running the show. Just as long as it's Minardi.
  • You Aussies
    Oh please. Patriotism? me? Have you ever paid attenetion.

    I like Stoddart because he won't take shit from Ron and Frank, even Bernie. I'd rather have an owner that would literally tell them all to fuck off, than give in.
    Thats the thing you've yet to realise - He ain't going nowhere, he ain't giving in.
    PS is NOT God.
    Nor is GCM. I too love the 'ol bastard, but fact is he could even keep the team afloat in what in retrospect was a much friendlier F1. You've got to take off the blinders and realise that F1 is very different, and Stoddarts "kind" is the only type of person that can keep an independant team alive in the current F1 system.
    concstructive criticism
    Much of it sounds more like doom and gloom :angel:
  • That being said PS said that he has a 5 year plan.
    Time is up Sir.
    PS's 1st season (year) was 2001.
    So, 2005 will be his 5th season(year)!!!!!

    Let's wait until the end of the 2005 season and ATER THAT we talk about the 5-year-plan !!!!!!
  • He was already missed his goals for previous years and a miracle would be required to achieve year 5's goal.
  • You don't believe in miracles ????

    Miracle example: in december 2000 Minardi hadn't even a car design on paper, yet in March 2001 a new car was on the grid in melbourne !!!

    Stay positive my friend !! (after all, 2005 will be DC's year :P).
  • Touchy point eh? Look, the only way I'd like to PS out is if GCM was back in charge 100%. Like OZ points out the first thing a new owner would do would pull up stakes. Remember what Telefonica was going to do?

    My point with the whole "God" argument was to bring to light the fact that PS has done well in keeping the Team alive but it is getting to the point where we need to see some results. Had you read in one of my earlier posts I think that THIS Year, he has the car, the lump, the structure, pre season testing and one driver sorted BEFORE the end of the calendar year.

    Remember too that at least once a year I get to look him in the eye and shake his hand. I'd tell him the same thing, or at least ask him, if and when I got the chance. BECAUSE I am a supporter.
  • There's still a huge mountain to climb, but things look like at least there is some chance for us in '05. Even GCM's role in the team seems less that of a "dead man walking" (as FiFi called him some months ago). Stoddart makes mistakes, but who doesn't? I'll cheer him on until he either makes it or quits. I think we all owe him that, that he deserves some loyalty in the same way as the team - others may disagree.

    Jordan remains unsold and unstable, RBR still has issues to resolve, there are a few manufacturer teams that could be gone before you could say "boardroom reshuffle", but Minardi are still designing and building new cars, turning up at races, participating in the politics. If we give the Jordans (and RBRs?) a run for their money a few of times next year, Stoddart will be feted as a hero, and the commercial situation could really start to change.

    On paper we are still in P19/P20, but if you can't be hopeful at this time of year, when can you be? PS05 had better be good...
  • On the contrary, GCM's position is now "Director General". Interpret that as you will..
  • Absolutely silverghost. Forza Minardi!

    re: Autosport quote. No reason to disbelieve it. Autosport is very well connected and I'll take it over the internet any day of the week. Which reminds me ...

    re: 107%. V interesting long interview with Jense talking about how far ahead TOIT is and how, if they want/need to, they could lap everyone at almost every race. TOIT diffuser makes it impossible to overtake even if you had more horsepower. At Monza, Schumi hung on to Jense all through Parabolica before simply driving past. Jense says the only saving grace is that TOIT is not on Michelin!
  • participating in the politics.
    See, that is the problem. CLown states what he likes best about PS is that he puts the boot into Ron etc at every chance - now Silver is talking about playing about in F1 politics.

    Politics and bitch slapping Ron around is NOT what F1 is about. The bitch slapping part might be fun but making cars go zoom zoom is what the business of the day is - or should be.
  • CLown states what he likes best about PS is that he puts the boot into Ron etc at every chance
    No I didn't. I said PS "won't take shit". There's a differnce between goning on the attack, and not jumping when told.
  • Like it or not, politics is a big part of the game at present - you won't get Minardi out of its current predicament by shit hot engineering and audacious driving alone. Failure to engage in the current debate on the future of the sport would not be noble, it would be suicidal.
  • Minardus. Get the facts right. In 2000 Minardi had a mock up of the 2001 car ready. The lacked only an engine deal. Both Rumi and GCM had realised that to achieve a sale the team had to continue with its design for the coming season. Thus Alonso's contract was sold to finance this. All Stoddart had to do was to arrange the engine supply and assembly of the 01 car. The car's design had been done a long time ago.
  • Petrol,

    at that time I was living in Holland, and in F1 magazines there it reported that NO car was penned !!!

    But, as I now know ....... Dutch F1 media suck !!!! (Big Time):hehe:
  • Regardless, building the cars themselves in 6 weeks is still a minor miracle.
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