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Thanks RJ

Thank you mr admin man for getting me in!!!


  • Hello MMR! I think I'm going to join you in the SB Club the way he ran that auction.
  • While it painfull at times to read Matt's rantings, we are now subject to looking at his mug to boot!

    Stoddie Basher! Should I have expected anything more positive?

    Keep the faith meboy, and the photo.
  • matt's pissed on vodka.
  • Isn't Matt still on the wagon?
  • matt's pissed on vodka

    More like formaldehyde!!
  • how could I not work hard towards letting one of the most loyal members on to the board:P
  • Ohmigod, kill, kill, kill.
  • Well not on the wagon Emmitt I've had about 5 guiness in total the past year.....just don't feel the urge to drink thats all!
    As for the pic.........Just as well we're all blokes on here, I'd be inundated!!!! :P
    As for Stoddart, I'll change my name when we see Minardi moving up the grid or he leaves as team principle, somehow I think the second option will happen first!
  • When is your big Cinnci trip? Yummmy Bud and Coors awaitin'!
  • Ahh funny you should say that Emmitt. 18th December I fly over. Today I have just booked a hotel in Canton, one mile from the Pro Football Hall of Fame for only £29!!!
    Going to travel there on the 20th December by car but as it is a 4 hour journey, it's a bit too far to drive to, go to Hall of Fame and drive back in one day.
    Now I'm all ready to roll........
  • You still hooking up with Murph?
  • No idea, have'nt seen him about for a while
  • It's an effing driving licence photo!

    What a twat.
  • ACTUALLY its the same photo that is on my passport so it is a PASSPORT photo...........ya nunce
  • That pic has a creepy Clockwork Orange vibe to it :o
  • Looks like the mugshot type photo's that we use at work!!!
  • He must have photoshopped out the numbers.
  • Thanks RJ for rebooting the whole thing.

    Quig, why have you changed your login or whatever it's called? I am now inadvertedly reading your posts.
  • Are they any better?
  • Matt

    You will be at the HOF on December 20th? I'll be there....well as long as there isn't a couple of feet of snow coming down. Haven't been to the HOF for about 25 years...it was pretty awesome back then, so with all the improvements it should make for a great day.

    as the date gets closer...give me an e-mail

    gotta go....got to get my grandsons their Steelers replica jerseys......they seem to want #7.......hmmmmm....


    [Edited on 23/11/2004 by Murph]
  • Looks like the mugshot type photo's that we use at work!!!
    Says the man with the flat-top and looking rather too much at home with the dog ;)
  • I still think your best photo is the one on the fans page! Was that STE with you?
  • Er no, Ste could'nt keep up on that pace,..........!!!

    That was World Bowl 99 I think in Dusseldorf ......(NFLE to you!!)
    Oooof the margarita killed me! There was only a small amount of us english fans at this party the night before, there was a stage, it ended with us taking over the entire stage dancing pissed out of our minds in front of about 500-1000 people...........er, yep those were the days..........I also remember putting my hands round lots of cheerleaders as well..........I'll see if I can root out the photos
  • Hey don't dis the flat-top man................. :cool:
  • Hey RJ, can you restore my post count ??
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