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Early 2006 predictions

Ok, we're two months out from the first race, but let's put our reputations as predictors on the line and list what we think 2006 will bring.

How about 1-11 in the Constructors, top 10 in the driver's championship, and any other things you think will emerge as talking points in 2006?


1. McLaren
2. Ferrari
3. Honda
4. Renault
5. Williams
6. Toyota
7. Red Bull
8. BMW
9. Midland
10. Super Aguri
11. Toro Rosso


1. M Schu (F)
2. Raikonnen (M)
3. Alonso (R)
4. Barrichello (H)
5. Montoya (M)
6. Massa (F)
7. Buttons (H)
8. Webber (W)
9. Fisichella (R)
10. Coulthard (RB)


1. MSchu to win the WDC despite not having the fastest car, Ferrari to fail to win the WCC due to Massa throwing it away more than once whilst in a solid position for points
2. Kimi to once again overshadow Montoya, but the pair of them being consistent enough to just pip Ferrari for the Constructors.
3. Alonso to get most of Renault's points, Fisi to have his final year of F1.
4. Barrichello to wake the British public up to Jenson perhaps not being as good as they'd like to think.
5. Williams Cosworth to win at least one race. Webber to hose Rosberg for the first half of the season, it'll get more balanced later on as Rosberg gets confidence.
6. Toyota to once again fail to win a race, but get 3 or 4 podiums in an up and down year.
7. Coulthard to get a podium, maybe two.
8. Aguri to swamp Midland and Toro Rosso once the new car comes online. The new car to look strangely like a Honda. ;)
9. Albers and Monteiro to prove a solid combo, getting points more than once. The Midland car to be quite a solid machine.
10. BMW to sack Villeneuve mid-season.
11. Toro Rosso to be caught cheating!

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  • Teams:

    1-6. No idea
    7. RBR
    8. BMW-Sauber
    9. STR
    10. MF1
    11. Super Aguri
  • Who cares.
  • You don't.
    I do.
  • Who cares
    Those who support the staff in Faenza ?? ;)
  • can we get some more expansive predictions? This isn't the type of response I was hoping to illicit from you all.

    Everyone afraid of being wrong or something?
  • WDC Kimi, Schumi 2nd before retirement.

    WCC McLaren.

    Midland to beat STR, sorry to say.
  • Constructors:

    1. Renault
    2. Toyota
    3. Ferrari
    4. McLaren
    5. BMW
    6. Williams
    7. BAR
    8. Red Bull
    9. Midland
    10. Super Aguri
    11. Toro Rosso


    1. Alonso
    2. Ralf
    3. Michael
    4. Kimi
    5. Massa
    6. Trulli
    7. Heidfeld
    8. Montoya
    9. Webber
    10. Fisichella
  • I think it will come down to the Bridgestones being a better tyre than the Michelin, where development could be retarded, and how both Ferrari and Renault fare.

    1. Mclaren - two good drivers :D
    2. Williams - best on Bridgestone :)
    3. Ferrari - Schumacher :(
    4. Renault - off the boil :mad:
    5. Honda - two ok drivers :cool:
    6. Toyota - the usual :rolleyes:
    7. RedBull - Newey^:cool:
    8. BMW - Theissen :spank:
    9. STR - The V10 factor :angel:
    10. Super cucumber (a point at susuka?) :mad:
    11. MF1 :(

    1. JPM (yes, a fan)
    2. Kimi
    3. Webber (stars are aligned in the heavens)
    4. M Schumacher
    5. Alonso (the renault just won't work)
    6. Buttox
    7. Fisi
    8. Barrichello
    9. Trulli
    10. Massa
    11. Ralf
    12. Rosberg
    13. Coulthard

    Actually it looks to be strong year with all top 6 teams in contention.
  • Don't see how Williams can grab second in the Constructors with Webber 3rd and Rosberg only 13th in the Driver's championship, max. ;)

    To get second, both driver's would have to be top 8, or Webber would have to win the WDC by a good margin.

    Just picking out the faults...... :P
  • Obviously guesses as Tyre's and the new Engines are too big factors.

    Red Bull
    Super Aguri

    1. M Schmacher
    2. Raikkonen
    3. JP Montoya
    4. Alonso
    5. Barrichello
    6. Massa
    7. Button
    8. Fisichella
    9. R Schumacher
    10. Coulthard
  • If I hadto stick my neck out. I'd say
    BMW Sauber
    per any 3 of the restfor the remaining places.
    Williams won't win a race next year. I think they'll struggle to keep ahead of RBR simply because there is still noevidence that they've solved their chasis problems.
    On the engine front. Cosworthhave already hit the 800bhp marh with their V8. Expect Honda and Bmw to be hot on their heels as well. Puts a lie to the concept that a V10 is an advantage, doesn't it?
  • Yes P1 it is true it is hard to predict the drivers. I think Williams can win races if the Bridgestone is a superior tyre because Ferrari have chassis problems too, and massa.

    I wonder if the V10 will have advantages only at certain tracks. The effect of the restrictor will be to reduce top end power, however until the air flow into the engine hits the limit the engine is operating as a 3.0L V10 generating more torque than the 2.4L V8 in the same regime. So the V10 may have advantages on tracks with short straights and out of slow corners eg; Monaco, Istanbul? Susuka, Hungary and so on.
    However on tracks with decent straights the STR cars will be absolutely murdered the V8s will just breeze past them as they hit the restrictor wall. If this is true and STR are smart they could optimise the car around this characteristic, and score points.

  • I doubt there will be a 'wall' as you suggest. Rather the team will gear the cars to only reach the limiter at the end of a straight if at all.
  • Mark Hughes of Autosport says the V10 should shine at Monaco and Hungary. The torque advantage should also been seen with better STR starts. He believes Montreal and Monza could be good (slow corners/long straights) as the ratios are more spread.
  • I found Hughes' article rather perplexing. A V8 has a shorter crank shaft. So a lower moment of inertia which should mean faster angular acceleratio/torque. Particularly if there's no power difference between the engines.
  • Clowns 2006 predictions:

    F1 will continue to suck
    There will be bugger all passing
    Max will once again astonish us with his stupidity
    The cars will sound shit
    No Minardi
    We will all watch every race, even the ones on at 3am
  • Clowns 2006 predictions:

    F1 will continue to suck
    There will be bugger all passing
    Max will once again astonish us with his stupidity
    The cars will sound shit
    No Minardi
    We will all watch every race, even the ones on at 3am
    I agree with all your predictions except I plan on recording the 3 am ones and watching those when I wake up. I'm also reserving judgement on the sound of the cars, I'm heading to the canadien race and will make up my mind on the sound while there.
  • Constructors:

    1. McLaren - carrying on from last year.
    2. Renault - wrapping up their last year in F1
    3. Toyota - Getting better
    4. Williams - an improvement this year with Wurz being given a race seat mid year.
    5. Honda - steady as she goes
    6. Ferrari - Have gone to sleep...hardly likely, but if they had issues with the regulations last year, V8s shoun't make it any easier. MS to retire gracefully.
    7. Red Bull - Whatever
    8. BMW - again a poor showing with the team they now own. Goodbye Mario.
    9. Midland - same same
    10. Toro Rosso - V10 advantage until the FIA nobble them.
    11. Super Aguri - Super sleepy.


    1. Raikonnen (M) - and about time
    2. Alonso (R) - good considering where he is going in 07
    3.Montoya (M) - much improved after less tennis.
    4 = Trulli (T) M Schu (F) - Don't be surprised to see Toyota doing well.
    5. Barrichello (H) - Consistent
    6. Webber (W) - same
    7. Button (H) - same
    8. Fisichella (R) - disappointing. Looks for drive in 07.
    9. Coulthard (RB) - should do better than this
    10. Massa (F) - gets tought a lesson.
    11. = Wurz (W) Heidfield (BS) - thought I would through the spanner about here.

    I was just going through this and just thought how much stronger the series looks for the first time. All teams look to be well financed with strong packages.

    Kind of understand why Stoddart had to sell. He didn't have the money to compete. Up against billionaires, he is only a lazy Multi Millionaire. (although a little richer from Red Bull and Super Aguri). In the end poor Minardi ended up being the biggest loser.

    Poor Minardi F1.

  • Petrol; I really don't know. Hughes is generally very good but he can go up his own crankshaft sometimes with talk of fuel-corrected lap times, etc. It becomes wishful thinking.

    As the saying goes, at the end of the season everyone knows everything ... at the start, no-one knows anything.

    [Edited on 9/1/2006 by viges]
  • is that a saying?
  • I've heard similar sayings before, usually to debunk any sort of speculation about winter testing.
  • Yes have to agree with you about the fuel corrected lap times. Pure gobbledeegook!
    Anyway the proof of the pudding will be in the lap times.
  • Constructors:

    1. Mclaren
    2. Toyota
    3. Renault


    1. Kimi
    2. Alonso
    3. Michael
  • Constructors:

    1. McLaren – more reliable
    2. Renault – still good
    3. Ferrari - bit of a comeback, but Massa doesn’t help
    4. Toyota – improving (lot’s of money)
    5. Williams – a new start
    6. Honda – Button underachieves
    7. BMW – Villeneuve who?
    8. Red Bull – last year’s surprise doesn’t get the same superstart this year
    9. Midland – better than expected
    10. Toro Rosso - ……………
    11. Super Aguri – Sato’s swansong


    1. Raikonnen – cool !!
    2. Alonso – time for a real beardgood considering where he is going in 07
    3. Schumacher M. – almost gets humble
    4. Schumachr R. – surprise of tbhe season
    5. Montoya – still not able to follow his teammate
    6. Barrichello – the Coulthard factor
    7. Fisichella - hmmm
    8. Webber – still not fullfilling the promise
    9. Massa – too little for such a car
    10. Heidfeld - moderate
    11. Coulthard – still scoring some points
  • Constructors:

    1. Ferrari - New rules and Bridgestone helps them fight back
    2. Renault - Same as last year. But Fisico is less unlucky.
    3. Honda - Can challange for win in some races
    4. McLaren - Problems with the engine...
    5. Toyota - Starts the season good but fades out
    6. BMW - Good first season
    7. Williams - Lack of development
    8. Red Bull - Not as impressive as last season.
    9. Toro Rosso - More and more restrictions on the V10
    10. MF1 - No improvment from last year.
    11. Super Aguri - Lack of everything...if they now makit to the grid.


    1. Michael Schumacher - dominates
    2. Fernando Alonso - Seems to be out of focus in some races.
    3. Giancarlo Fisichella - More stable and more luck
    4. Rubens Barrichello - Takes Hondas firts win
    5. Felipe Massa - Too many misstakes
    6. Jenson Button - Same as Alonso
    7. Kimi Räikkönen - Engine failure after engine failure
    8. Ralf Schumacher - Same as last year. Everybody's suprised that Ralf is ahead of Trulli.
    9. Juan-Pablo Montoya - Engine failures and misstakes
    10. Jarno Trulli - Everybody thinks he's better than Ralf, but for some reason the points don't agree.
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