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Big train crash in Northern Italy - not sure if RJ was on or near. Let us know!


  • ...or Salvo/Manlio or our Italian friends?!
  • I'm not worried about Salvo as he is in Sicily and manilo is in Egypt. But RJ was traveling back to Sienna....
  • let's cross our fingers...
  • No not on the train myself it happened some three hours before I arrived there. My train had to be re-routed and so I was one hour late but that was a small price to pay for not actually being ON that train
  • Bad day for trains, big chem. train accident in South Carolina today as well. :(
  • Jesus, that actually HAVE trains in the states? I thought everyone drove! :P
  • ^ Probably a personal train :hehe:
  • One of the funniest things happened when the snow started falling. I was virtually snowed in, in my hotel on the wednesday so after digging my car out of the snow and then leaving it there, I decided to go for a walk. After only a mile I had found a cinema.......
    That evening I was having a yarn with the courtesy bus driver about what I'd done that day and that I'd been to the cinema and he asked me how I'd got there.......I said I walked, I was sure he was going to have a cardiac arrest! 'WALK!!! he said.........damn it, thats about a mile down there!!!
    Ha ha! Oh and why was everyone I met called 'Bob', hmm in fact Murph you're a Bob too! ;)
  • No problem for me either, guys! I'm safe here in Cairo:hehe:
  • Just keep an eye out for run away camels.
  • I'm safe here in Cairo :hehe:
    I just got that one :hehe:
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