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Anyone fancy running an F1 team?

Theres a new website where you can become a F1 manager


BAt Racer is basically a Formula One management game for up to 22 online; you play as a driver with control over your own character and setups, etc.

You can either join a team that hasn't been selected yet, or join someone else's team as a teammate - up to you to decide if you want to work with or against them.

There are 2 F1 games, a 2002 version and a 2006 version, obviously 2002 had Minardi, 2006 doesnt.

Would anyone be interested if i set up a private league just for us ForzaMinardi crew? And if so which version would you prefer? 2002 or 2006?


  • 2002 for me. It wouldn't be the same without minardi.
  • noone else then?

    was only an idea, to try and put a bit of fun into this place.

    for what it matters, i got 18 people together and tried it out, first race in the Toro Rosso i qualifyed 3rd and finished 3rd despite my mechanics fuckin up my 1st stop
  • i'm team leader for, guess what team, the one and only Minardi. 2.3 off the pace though. couldn't find a set up
  • the next race - Malaysia i could only qualify 15th out of 18

    Yet in the warm up i was quickest by 0.3 secs
  • my team mate is never on. Qualifying starts in about 2 hours.

    Funny though. A williams fastest and a Williams slowest, not including my team mate.
  • ha ha, i know what you're saying, my team mate is a female yank, who has no idea what shes doing, and shes been towards the back for most of the sessions, yet im towards the front

    cant wait for the race. A storming run from 15th hopefully all the way to the front!

    7 hours to the race
  • i qualified 15th, my team mate is 17th. currently 11th in wet warm up. 6 hours to go.
  • didnt do too bad, finished 2nd, stalled on my first pit, then when closing in on the leader i had to pit in with a problem.

    currently 2nd in championship after 2 races

    Australlia practise im 4th
  • 11th after warm up

    Taken out by a jordan in the race who went on to finish 10th

    currently 2nd in practice for Malaysia.
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