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come on guys !!!

you've all gone too quiet......

come on, its monaco this weekend - who's going to do what?

qualifying will be interesting

hopefully all 4 redbull cars will stuff it in the wall and contiune their bad start to the season!

maybe another special alonso dance at the end of the race?

come on everyone its too quiet on the boards at the moment....


  • Any chance of a williams 1-2?
  • Apologies, have been on the Celtic non-internet fringe.

    Managed to see Nurburg (yawn) and Barca (zzz) BAN TYRE CHANGES.

    Mon-AH-co (Gawd bless you, Sir Stirling) will be a Renault benefit. Or TOIT. One of the two. It's a tyre war this year - forget drivers or cars.
  • we have some new aero and engine bits this weekend but its impossible to say - should be better than spain though
  • Qualy will be GREAT viewing this weekend!

    I can imagine all the gestures the drivers will make when trying to pass the Aguris and the Midlands !!!:D
  • i got to see those cucumbers at Monaco....hopefully loads of laughs.....
  • James, where do you guys stay when racing at monaco? Nice?
  • all over the place last the last 2 years at minardi i stayed about 15 minutes west on monaco the year before with minardi we stayed in monaco next to the train station. This year staying in Monaco but I don't know where the place is about a 15 minute walk from the track
  • Have a great time. A sunny place for shady people, as they say.
  • Originally posted by Minardus
    Qualy will be GREAT viewing this weekend!

    I can imagine all the gestures the drivers will make when trying to pass the Aguris and the Midlands !!!:D

    That and they will probably stuff it in the wall giving the sessions a red flag.
  • Sory for not posting more, my string of minor injuries continues!

    First, I was climbing up a peak in the Cameron Highlands trying to get a signal on my cell phone to call my mum on Mother's day.

    It got so steep and still no signal that I had to put down my coffee cup on a protruding bit of stone. (1st mistake)

    I didn't expect to have to climb so high that I hadn't put on my proper sneakers, so was only wearing slip-on thongs. (2nd mistake).

    Couldn't get a signal as the other person who had was using a different call network, and I hadn't asked first. (3rd mistake)

    Finally got to the peak and saw a better way down, but had to go back to get my coffee cup (4th mistake)!

    I was clawing my way round a mossy slope toward my coffee mug when my slipper strap broke, leaving me sliding down a 60 degree slope. I finally managed to grab at an outcrop but severely wrenched my right arm.

    So I couldn't post!

    Last weekend, took Jo to Pulau Redang, one of Malaysia's beautiful coral island resorts, but the arm was still sore, so could only swim side stroke. Now I've got a sore back from swimming unbalanced, but at least I can write.

    Going for a run tonight (Facty'setting the run) so that should sort out the back.

    Monaco? I'm going for Alonso again, and hope that Schuey's strategy is not as good as the Renault's.

    Other than that, a quiet Sunday would be OK.


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  • I'm hoping Alonso DNF's. Kimi wins, Schumacher 2nd just to close the gap. Better still Webber to win and Sato 2nd. Even better an accident on the first corner and all the cars go careering into each other, like on the LA freeways and all DNF. Just to prove a point, as a race track, Monaco is crap.
  • i'll try and come online over the weekend to give a monaco update if i've got time
  • that would be great. thanks for staying loyal to this site!! and say hi to our friend mark:D
  • I think it will be interesting especially STR. They have the V 10's and all that torque (if it still exists under the current resrticted configuration) so if they can get a good qual it should be interesting.

    Other than that I still think MS is THE Monaco ace on the grid and needs to be counted in on the mix.

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  • If they have a good qualy then the FIA will restrict the engines even further. Remember at the start of the year they added in the rule that they could change the restrictions overnight!
  • Perhaps James you could tell us why Williams thinks changing to Tojo engines will improve their performance.
  • Originally posted by Ger
    Any chance of a williams 1-2?
    If thursday parctice is anything to go by, there is quite a chance!
  • No Chance. Webber and Nico are too far down.
  • Am I the only one here who doesn't really like the monaco grand prix? Besides the lack of overtaking, it's just a disaster waiting to happen there.
  • I love the monaco GP :)

    Its never been easy but I'm sure I remember some great overtaking about 15 years ago;)
  • i'll be waiting for the usual Jacques/Montoya pile up!
  • spin, you're lifestyle is about 300x more active than mine, my word
  • WHAT A DICK!!!

    Schumacher better have his time stripped and get sent to the back of the grid. That was definitely intentional.

    I sooo hope alonso kicks his a$$ this year.
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    spin, you're lifestyle is about 300x more active than mine, my word
    Stop by again, on your way to Oz!

    I couldn't make it to FACTY'S run as I could hardly walk let alone run, last Wednesday. But today I was running again on the SATURDAY HASH and can declare myself fit again first time since February. Next week we have the Hash Challenge, 42 km through Malaysian hash terrain, the undoubtedly finest in the world. It takes the average-fit hasher 10 hours to finish.

    This year, I'm just going to take the pictures, but that means being at the start, then tearing off to the first of eight checks to catch all the runners as they come through, then off to the next, etc. etc. From past experience, that's almost as tiring as doing the whole run, since the route is in jungle and you have to 4WD and run to get to each check

    Got back today in time to see the qualifying and I agree with Xiola. Schuey seems ready to do anything for a "win". I just can't like that B...!

  • Originally posted by xiola
    WHAT A DICK!!!

    Schumacher better have his time stripped and get sent to the back of the grid. That was definitely intentional.

    I sooo hope alonso kicks his a$$ this year.
    Well, I'm not sure. They showed the Ferrari pitbox. And some of the mechanics looked pretty shocked. Although one or two did have a big smile on their face. Especially that guy with a mustache.
  • Nice to see Webbo up there, I hope he can better last year's result.

    I didn't see Schui's 'accident', was it obviously intentional?
  • Yea, the mechanics looked shocked becuase the "accident" looked like a clumsy attempt at disadvantaging the opposition.
    I'm afraid Swervemaker has got 'previous' and no amount of excuses will save him this time.
    I know a lot of you claim Senna ( the late great) was unscrupulous, but even he did not exhibit this level of recividism.
  • Tas - the video of the incident is up over at the Williams message board - definitely intentional imho.

    It's like MS made a genuine mistake, corrected it, and then thought 'actually stopping wouldn't be a bad idea'..... and did just that.

    Read grandprix.com's report on the matter - very damning of MS.

    As Petrol says, the man's got some priors, so he can't be shocked by the reaction. I'd love to see the Stewards stand up and be counted here.... Mark might be on the front row as an added benefit. ;)
  • Yep, thanks for that, just saw the link on the Williams board.

    It's not a bad forum, but what is it with some of those massively sized signature pics? It makes it very hard to read sometimes...
  • i can't understand why all this hype because schumi did a mistake. It was a genuine mistake and that was very clear. alonso could have just got a better time before the incident, but he did not.

    i hope grid remains unchanged.

    by the way, alonso did not even slow down when there was the yellow flag, he passed the stalled red car full speed.
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