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Tour de France

Okay, there is something going on in Germany, but the real thing for me is the Tour de France.

It started with a lot of commotion. DOPING. The two greatest favourites, Basso and Ulrich, are taken out of the race by their own teams (without any real proven evidence). A real shock. There is a list that contains 200 doping-users. About 50 cyclists, but also sports as football and tennis seem to be involved.

Nevertheless, I find the sport still amazing and breathtaking. The tour has started with some great sprints and horrific falls (see picture). Let the mountains come!!!



  • Yes, stupid spectators are causing problems again.

    I like the Tour and sprinting in about equal amounts but both seem addicted to drugs.
  • Without Armstrong in the race US coverage has gone back to the levels of Pre Lance.

    Go Euskatel!
  • Go ag2r ;) Great victory today, awww Iove le tour
  • oh tomorrow, what a great day it will be !!! I can't wait for it.
  • Looks like Landis will have a hip replaced post Tour.
  • who will lead dsc's bid this year? hincapie's not going too good.
  • Salvodeli? He he still in the hunt?
  • Originally posted by FactyCrab
    who will lead dsc's bid this year? hincapie's not going too good.
    Take your pick from Hincapie, Popovytch, Azevedo and Savoldelli. I've got my doubts about George, but he might surprise. The team as a whole, are less impressive as in Lance-years. But hey, today the tour really starts, so it's all staring in the "coffeethick :P:P" until now. Personally I hope that Popo will do well. He's a great talent.
  • salvo is now more than 7mins back! the end for dsc, i would say.

    i fancy the aussies cadel and evans...might be a good year for them with green jersy as well.
  • Yes fifi, Cadel Evans came fourth on that mountain stage and is fourth overall. Unusal, as the Aussies seem to drop off on the mountain stages. Long way to go yet.
  • great stage by ag2r yesterday, how they, as a team powered up the tourmalet was very impressive, still it wasn't enough. Landis looks well set to follow Armstrong. what is it with the americans and le tour, lemond, armstrong now landis...

    just two days of serious pyrenees stages, they must be joking. watching tour de france mountain stages is the best sports television I can think of. sitting there with your cuppa while they kill themselves going up mountains that would even make you feel exhausted in a car, not to forget the beautiful scenery. I really have to visit that part of france one day, it seems very nice.
  • great day's work by popy, biker. got himself in with a small chance esp if his team-mates have enough left to rally around him from now.
  • How is Landis even at the front with a hip that is in need of replacement?
  • Drugs.
  • what a great tour this is! I'm loving it. with all due respect for armstrong, it was quite boring watching so much greatness as you knew who would win anyway.
  • agreed.

    compelling viewing every night for me. :)
  • It is looking like Landis' scheme is working. His lead is close so he can afford ZERO mistakes.

    If he gets out of the mountains with the Yellow jersey I think he will be able to keep it as he is good in the TT.

    However, I do not like the fact that the team TT has gone away.
  • hehe, i guess you haven't seen today's stage yet:P
  • Oh my! He's cracked!!!!! I must have been reading a review of YESTERDAY's race - the one where Landis was saying how he did not need to win a stage yadda yadda....

    This is going to get exciting!
  • Landis!! What a heroic performance!

    What a tour! It's never been this good
  • he just got himself named as a legend now!

    history has been written today.
  • 30 seconds separates the first three. i can't remember that ever happening (and I can remember Greg Lemond hehe ). Looking forward to Saturday's time trials.

    still awed by that performance. bouncing back from a day like wednesday is just beyond words.and that without a team like Armstrong had it. the guy had NOBODY to help him.
  • I wish i could see the stage on TV - I've been following it on the web.

    Talk about getting your head back on straight.

    However, can you tell me how he looked? There still is the question of the TT to contend with. Landis is a pretty good TT rider but if he bonks its all over.
  • he looked extremely determined, stormed past the finish line like a bull fighter

    german tv says he had a bad day wednesday because he didn't eat enough
  • It really is an incredible Tour. No real leaders, no strong teams, heartbreaking attacks and collapses. This is what sport is about. Doping or not ("Landis had "bloedvorm vandaag ;)) this fighting with all you've got in your head, legs and balls is the very best.

    You're a fool to predict the outcome of this Tour, so I think it's an easy guess Landis will win it easily :P (and after today he deserves it !!)

  • However, can you tell me how he looked?
    he had his head down and was in time trial mode most of the last 14km...

    You're a fool to predict the outcome of this Tour, so I think it's an easy guess Landis will win it easily (and after today he deserves it !
    yes, it's gonna be landis for sure now!
  • Saw some clips on BBC world. Landis looks as fresh as a daisy. Bodes well for the Time trial.
    Mind you the guys got grande cajones. Pulling back 7 mins after the nightmare of Alp D'Huez has got to be the greatest comeback since Lazurus picked up his bed and walked.
  • now if it is true what that tv station said and he had a nutritional problem on wednesday it could be completely possible to come back on thursday and get back to your old form. mind you he did well in the mountains all the way.

    you tell me, you're the md here
  • A couple of years back Armstrong bonked on a stage and it was all due to de hydration. He re hydrated himself (prob with the help of a couple of big bore IV's!) and he was back in the pink and remained in the Yellow.
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