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Minardi in Champcar ??

Minardi in Champcar??

No idea whether it's true but it says that Stoddart and Muermans have decided to start a team in Champcar and that Olav Mol (a Dutch tv-presentator)...... is asked to be teamboss.
I can't believe it.


  • It would be interesting to see what happens if Stoddart uses the Minardi name. He may challenge Minardi's use of it for their GP2 team.
  • Again, I thnk he owns "Minardi F1 x 2" not "Minardi". If he did use Minardi he would be a complete f'n dickhead.
  • well this was discussed earlier and he said he'd make up his mind by November. Let's see, could be interesting
  • Staddart will probably call the team something like, Stoddart-Meurmans Racing. I don't think Minardi f1 x 2 would make much sense in the states.
  • f1 wouldn't make sense in any name unless it's in f1 :cool:
  • or Powerboating.

    But if it where to be used for an onland team it wouldn't make sense like you said. I wonder If stoddart would advertise the two seaters on the Champ cars?
  • stoddart has been quoted as saying that he might call the new team Minardi; he can do so (apparently)
  • But why should he? What plus would Minardi name give him in a US series, as opposed to Stoddart-Muermans, for example, specially now that Minardi F1 team does not exist anymore?
  • Originally posted by manlio27
    But why should he?
    To be a dickhead.
  • that's pretty low, Ger after all the guy's done for the team!!

    guys let me give you the legal on this. I don't see why stoddie can't go ahead with naming the team Minardi. a common law court would surely make the connection between stoddie and the name Minardi as he's owned it for such a long time (and won't use gcm's specific logo).

    wanna sue in italy? even better for stoddie. Italian courts take a VERY long time. there's this thing called the "Italian Torpedo", especially in intellectual property cases where people who are in breach of such things intentionally sue (make a counterclaim saying "i forbid him to say that i'm in breach of his copyright") in Italy in order to make proceedings elsewhere impossible. By the time the Italian court decides, cars have become replaced by segways. no offense, Italian friends :D
  • Whay the defense of PS's use of Minardi. Is is truly silly. Sure he once owned a Team named Minardi but he does not own it anymore. His name is NOT Minardi and therefore it makes zero sense to name it that. Not to mention that Champ car and Minardi are not related in any sense - well maybe a few former shoes driving in the series.

    What would his motivation be?

  • Champ car and Minardi are not related in any sense
    bingo, you could be one of the lawyers on stoddies team ;)

    But why should he? What plus would Minardi name give him in a US series, as opposed to Stoddart-Muermans,
    because Stoddart-Muermans sound like a)a comet b)a virus (pick one hehe)

    Minardi is a name connected to motor racing by many fans and would sound good in sport that lacks the big names (such as Ferrari) they could do with a bit of "tradition".

    That's not to say that he WILL in fact use that name, just that he COULD. He never was a guy who wanted to have a team with his name otherwise he could have done so a long, long time ago (he had "no reason" to keep the name of the F1x2 team this year)
  • Do you think Giancarlo Minardi would even CARE about Stoddart using the Minardi-name in a major open wheel championship???

    As far as I know, Paul and Giancarlo are friends, Paul could have easily gotten rid of the man in 2001... but he kept him involved as much as possible iirc.
  • Originalmente escrito por Ger
    Look at the signature on that drawing.
    'Nuff said !!
  • I don't really think Paul Stoddart and GCM are "friends". GCM saw selling to Stoddart as a necessary evil to keep his faenza employees in business.
    Personally I can't see the marketting sense of using the Minardi name in Champcar. At least in F1 there was a modicum of goodwill towards the team initially...
  • Yeah, the team name is a key shop window thing, why waste it, in commercial terms? I'd cheer on a Stoddart Champcar team - you can't help but like the old bastard - and Muermann was easily the most sensible of the many Dutch types involved with Stoddart through his Minardi era. But call it Minardi? No way!
  • Duke, welcome aboard. Where ya from? I do not know for sure if GCM would care if PS called his Team Minardi but my best guess, based on talks I have had with him, is that it would not go over so well.

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  • Didn't he say that his greatest regret was that he had not heeded Enzo Ferrari's advice to him - "Never Sell Your Name"?
  • Yes, but I seem to recall that STR gave it and the marketing rights back to him after he left.
  • I think it's pretty funny how obsessed some people here are with GCM. Do you guys carry pictures of him in your wallets?

    It's obvious why Stoddart would name the team Minardi. It's because the name means something to him. And I have no doubt about his rights to do so. He's not stupid.

    I applaud Stoddart's initiative. Go Stoddie! :D

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  • You are projecting again Stan. I think that it is YOU and others who are obsessed with PS and this mythical image of his abilities.

    I am all for him trying his hand in Champ car - just use his own name!
  • If I would be obsessed with PS, I would have left this place a long time ago.
  • I hope he enters Champ Car, I don't think he should use the Minardi brand name but I wouldn't be that upset if he did.

    You can really see the True Believers in this thread, blinded as they are by all things GCM related. I agree with you all, I can't understand why he hasn't been Canonised in Italy. ;)
  • Mcsf(ers), how do you guys know that GCM wouldn't be joining/blessing a Minardi Champ Car team as he's joined/blessed the Euro3000 and GP2 outfits? They're run by someone else too!
  • Yes they are run by others but if you read the interview with Giovanni Minardi GCM DOES work for the group etc etc.

    I doubt very much he would be travelking to the States to be a part of PS's effort.

    Although if the payout is big enough I'll let PS call his team Quigley!
  • did you get roylaties on that Tom Selleck movie?
  • Still in litigation.
  • I dont think Paul would gain much by entering in Champ Car as Minardi. In Champ car the sponsor rules and it would be most unusual for any team to call itself by the team name. Personally I think he should go for a big Aussie sponsor like Qantas or Fosters and call the team after them as not a lot of Champ Car people will know or care about Minardi. The GP2 Minardi team should be cool USA guys can we get coverage here?
  • GP2 coverage? Well if SPEED keeps their same broadcasting theme then we will have one race of the GP2 per race weekend.

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