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New livery Renault

I'm not sure what to think of it. It sure is colourfull !


  • truly awful
  • Bloody Hell - how much is ING paying?!

    Hate it; the previous livery was one of my favourites.

    Dare I say 2007 is almost as bad as:


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  • Mind you, the wing mirrors are cute:


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  • All it needs is a pink flash down the side and they'll be back in the good old Benneton days. Only not as good
  • wow!!! I think this is awesome
  • Have you bumped your head real hard recently? First thinking PS's Minardi IS Minardi and now that this livery is awesome?

    Next step - a suit with real long sleeves and a nice padded room.
  • it looks like it was designed by two different people. 1 did the front and one did the back. Unfortunately they didn't know what the other one was doing.
  • reminds me of the Gulf Le Mans cars back in the days
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    wow!!! I think this is awesome
    That's what you get from drinking gallons of Red Bull until recent......;)
  • I'm with Forza

    Its just the green on the drivers helmet that clashes.
  • Sack Fisico then. Its bound to happen anyway.
  • Colours are a bit busy, but the car seems to abide by the old designer's axiom; "if it looks good, it propably is good".

    The car looks fast.
  • Wait wait wait... This hasn't been photoshopped?
  • Nearly as bad as the first BAR's. But at least they looked OK from one side.
  • But why, now they got rid of Mild Seven, didn't they go back to the original yellow-black-blue Renault liveries from the Eighties?

    That was truly faby!!!! They could have reserved a smaller orange space, perhaps on sides and flaps.

    I love the Netherlands, but the orange from their Dutch main sponsor and the yellow do not fit at all IMHO!!!

    It's the typical livery of a car that is not going to defend its title :P:P (my forecast? Zero wins for Renault in 2007)

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