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Dear All,
Welcome to the 2007 FM.com FORMULA 1 competition!
1.The competition is free of charge and entails that partecipants declare who in their opinion will finish from 1st place to 15th place in the drivers championship at the end of the 2007 season.
2. Deadline to declare the drivers in the 15 places is the 31st March 2007.
3. Points are given as follows:
Correct 1st Place Driver: 33pts
Correct 2nd Place Driver: 29pts
Correct 3rd Place Driver: 26
Correct 4th Place Driver: 23
C 5th : 20
C 6th : 15
C 7th : 13
C 8th : 11
C 9th : 9
C 10th : 7
C 11th : 5
C 12th : 4
C 13th : 3
C 14th : 2
C 15th: 1
4. No one will be allowed to edit posts after the 31st March 2007.
5. Final classification of drivers will be taken from the official FIA website.
6. If a driver is substituted midway through the season, tough luck! The classification of the original driver counts!
7. The final arbiters are Neil and RJ.
8. Prizes:
1st Prize: An official Minardi postcard of Luca Badoer (1999 Minardi Car) originally autographed by Luca Badoer.
2nd Prize: An official Minardi postcard of Marc Gene (1999 Minardi Car) originally autographed by Marc Gene.
3rd Prize: An official Telefonica Minardi Postcar of Marc Gene and Gaston Mazzacane.
9. Although prizes are as mentioned, the first competitor may choose the prize he wants from the above three, and so forth.
10. Prizes will be sent out by Neil_S by post after the competitor submits his postal address to RJ and Neil_s.
11. If RJ agrees to this initiative (he has the photos of the postcards which can be displayed here), we can declare the competition opened!

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  • Whilst hoping you like this initiative, and although I am not participating, I would like to give my 15 drivers and the way they will finish.

    1st: Kimi Raikonen
    2nd: Felipe Massa
    3rd: Fernando Alonso
    4th: Fisichella
    5th: Kubica
    6: Kovalainen
    7: Button
    8: Barrichello
    9: Hamilton
    10: Heidfeld
    11: Webber
    12: Trulli
    13: Rosberg
    14: Ralf Schumacher
    15: Albers
  • Good idea Neil, I will consider and come back to you
  • excellent initiative, Neil

    but do join in yourself, so you have a chance of keeping some of the cards ;)
  • I joined, but if I place from 1st to third, then the fourth placed will be elevated to the first three. Is there any chance that you top this thread and also that you put in the scanned images I sent you by e-mail.

    p.s. If on the 31st March, there are two competitors that have made exactly the same choices (very improbable!!!), there will be a supplimentary question :mad:
  • Nice idea Neil! And also very generous!I'll surely join the competition.
    Is it because it's just a few days until the 1st GP that the deadline is the 31st of March?
  • yep, that's the idea...! that's why its the 31st March, it will give chance to those people who do not log in everyday on FM.com
  • Originally posted by Neil_s
    yep, that's the idea...! that's why its the 31st March, it will give chance to those people who do not log in everyday on FM.com
    People don't log on everyday? how strange...........
  • so where are your predictions??????!!!!
  • I'm considering!!!!
  • come on! spill the beans!
  • I give my predictions after Australia!
  • he he ; you're taking the competition very seriously as I am seeing!

    So do not forget all of you, deadline 31st March 2007!
  • Nice one Neil_s
    I'll have a stab after australia too ;)

    BTW Is facty running the regular competition this year ??

    If not does someone else want to run it?
  • The more the merrier!
  • and these are the prizes we're talking about this for this event. I wouldn't want to part with them if I were you, Neil ;)



  • 1st: Alonso
    2nd: Massa
    3rd: Kimi
    4th: Fisichella
    5th: Heidfeld
    6: Kovalainen
    7: Kubica
    8: Rosberg
    9: Hamilton
    10: Button
    11: Wurz
    12: Trulli
    13: Coulthard
    14: Barrichello
    15: Albers
  • 1. Kimi
    2. Alonso
    3. Massa
    4. Hamilton
    5. Fisi
    6. Heidfeld
    7. Kubica
    8. Kovaleinen
    9. Button
    10. Webber
    11. Schumacher
    12. Barrichello
    13. Coulthard
    14. Trulli
    15. Wurz

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  • cool! here are my bets:

    1st: Kimi Raikonen
    2nd: Fernando Alonso
    3rd: Felipe Massa
    4th: Fisichella
    5th: Hamilton
    6: Kovalainen
    7: Heidfeld
    8: Barrichello
    9: Jenson Button
    10: Kubica
    11: Ralf Schumacher
    12: Trulli
    13: Rosberg
    14: Webber
    15: Albers

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  • "and these are the prizes we're talking about this for this event. I wouldn't want to part with them if I were you, Neil"

    ... That's what I call COMMUNISM, giving out some of yours for the best of the community!:D

    p.s. after all the competitors will place their bets as up to 31st March, I will make a complete list of all predictions and would try to update our classification say after each four races so we would know if the championship was to finish at that time, who will win the postcards. Sort of Partial classification. Naturally it will be the final standing that will count but we add some spice here. Also thanks Facty for the organisation of the other competition which I must admit, is more hassleful to organise!
  • 1 - Kimi
    2 - Alonso
    3 - Massa
    4 - Kubica
    5 - Heidfeld
    6 - Fisi
    7 - Hamilton
    8 - Button
    9 - Kovalainen
    10- Trulli
    11- Rubens
    12- Ralphie
    13- Webber
    14- Rosberg
    15- Coulthard
  • for the moment there are only 5 partecipants, where are the others??????
  • 1. Kimi
    2. Alonso
    3. Massa
    4. Hamilton
    5. Heidfeld
    6. Fisi
    7. Kubica
    8. Webber
    9. Kovalainen
    10. Button
    11. DC
    12. Rosberg
    13. Rubens
    14. Wurz
    15. Trulli
  • 1: Kimi
    2: Massa
    3: Hamilton
    4: Alonso
    5: Heidfeld
    6: Kubica
    7: Fisi
    8: Rosberg
    9: Wurz
    10: R Schumacher
    11: Rubens
    12: DC
    13: Webber
    14: Kovalainen
    15: Trulli
  • 1. Kimi
    2. Alonso
    3. Massa
    4. Hamilton
    5. Heidfeld
    6. Kubica
    7. Fisico
    8. Heiki
    9. Rosberg
    10. Ralf
    11. Button
    12. Rubinho
    13. Webber
    15. Trulli
  • I forgot no 14.

    Let's throw in a wildcard and just say SATO!:P
  • 8 days to go for the closure of competitors' bets.
  • 1: Kimi
    2: Alonso
    3: Massa
    4: Heidfeld
    5: Fisi
    6: Hamilton
    7: Heikki
    8: Kubica
    9: Button
    10: Rubens
    11: Trulli
    12: Wurz
    13: Ralf
    14: Rosberg
    15: Coulthard
  • 1.- Kimi
    2.- Massa
    3.- Sutil
    4.- Albers
    5.- Liuzzi
    6.- Speed

    7.- Hamilton
    8.- kovalainen
    9.- Kubica
    10.- Rosberg
    11.- Wurz
    12.- Heidfield
    13.- Rubbens
    14.- Coulthard
    15.- Alonso

    Its too good for be true, the 6 first cars with Ferrari engine, and Hamilton ahead Alonso, but Dreams its free no? I think I dont win the prize.:P


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  • arn't you participating RJ, and were is the San Francisco guy, and were are the Italians!??
  • still need to consult the oracle
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