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  • So Gene's postcard goes to Jumpey....

    the others?

    p.s. Jumpey, send me your postal address at neilspiteri@gmail.com

  • funny how many of you had wurz in 11th correctly, the guy's so predictable :D
  • Badoer for me if thats OK with the others (as it will match a photo I have of him) and if the result stands of course!!!!
  • so Badoer for Minardirule,
    Gene for Jumpey and
    Gene/Gaston for Minardus

    If you agree, send me postal details ASAP at neilspiteri@gmail.com
  • OK, thanks Neil!!
  • I have to start thinking from now for next year's competition as all I have left is a personally signed ("to Neil") Mark Webber postcard! What can w have as prizes.... mmmm.... I will think hard!
  • A big thank you to Neil, I received my prize in the post yesterday and am now looking forward to next year.
  • I got my postcard today :)

    Thanks Neil
  • Great!
    I already have a great prize for next year's competition - an original Minardi shirt , summer, really nice, never used, my wife put it once into the washing machine (you know my wife likes to wash clothes before wearing them for the frist time he he! absolutely new, photos to be sent to RJ soon!)
    The format of the competition will change from last year so keep tuned.
    There will be no need to name 15 drivers as it was too complicated... the first 5 will do....!
  • image


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  • Only the first five in the table is too few, Neil, I suggest, for consistency with the fact that the first 8 in a race take points, to consider the first 8 in the table. I agree with you that 15 is a bit too much, and makes it too time consuming for you to make the periodic updates and the final ranking.

    The T-shirt is great, by the way, it will be mine next year!
  • OK - point taken, it will be 8 drivers, and good luck manlio!
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