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make a wish foundation

so they're not sponsoring us after all
we're just selling the space for them and use them as a marketing gimmick:

from f1racing.net

The Minardi Formula One team will donate 10% of the earnings of a Bardge board sponsor spot to the Make a Wish foundation. The foundation is support by Christijan Albers, Minardi F1 driver.

"For the last three years, my management and I have been knocking on hundreds of doors to find the support I needed to fulfil my biggest dream: becoming a Formula 1 driver. Now it's time to find support for far more important dreams," said Christijan Albers. "Those children whose life is threatened by an illness. That's why I want to turn the spotlight on the 'Make a wish' Foundation and the immensely important work they do."

For 2005 the Minardi F1 team still have an important spot available for sponsoring of the team: The bargeboard. If a sponsor buys that spot, 10% of the budget will go to the Dutch affiliate of the Foundation. Companies that are interested should turn as quickly as possible to GR8 Industraties at info@gr8industries.com
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  • Very nice of Christijan that he supports this foundation, but does dat also mean that het donates 10% of his earnings ?? :hehe:

  • Who are gr8 industries ??
  • Who are gr8 industries ??
    A small company owned by the Manager of Albers if I'm correct.
  • quote:
    Who are gr8 industries ??

    A small company owned by the Manager of Albers if I'm correct.
    You are:
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