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STR for sale?

There are some rumours that STR will be bought by IPIC:


summing it up for those who do not speak german, it is said that IPIC is going to own about 75% of the team within this season. Price is about 50.000.000 €. IPIC is kinda 'daughter' of aabar who own some percent of the MGP-Team. STR did not want to comment.

What are your thoughts about this?


  • I'm actually already surprised Red Bull held onto Toro Rosso for as long as they have (six years)
  • I'm going to have to agree, they have held on to Toro Rosso far longer than I would have expected. Though this rumour has gone rather silent since.
  • Given that the purchase was all about getting enough votes to steamroll the last concord, it is a bit surprising how long they have kept at it.

    Still, Bernie has to get his money back sooner or later.
  • mind you, the value of owning a spot on the grid has fallen quite drastically since 2006
  • Yes, quite an indulgence but the Bernie/Dietrich relationship seems to be a retread of Bernie/Flav. We will never know what really goes on ...
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