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Misano - Day 2

At 10.30 h permission was given to go on track.
Albers and Kiesa have each done an installation lap and 3 flying laps.
Pics can be found here:

No UPEX on the car (Nissany's sponsor). maybe thay only pay when he's driving the car !?!?


  • Thanks Minardus.

    This weather sucks ass. I guess it's good to let Albers get some seat time in the rain though.
  • Christijan slided off the track in the installationlap, because there was 5-10cm water and snow on the track. After that everything went ok, although he was towed backonce to ther pits becuase the engine stopped.

    New pics on www.speedpics.nl !
  • Speaking of snow if you go to the Imola site you can see a pic of the circuit - snow everywhere.

  • That looks like last year's aero configuration on the car. They don't trust the new config in the rain?
  • Yeah, that's definitly 04-Aero :(

    Does anybody know if Nissany will test today?
  • Mid-day update from F1racing.net Dutch version:
    In Misano (Italië) is het niet droog meer geworden sinds vanmorgen. Het regent de hele dag en de plassen water op de baan willen maar niet minder worden door de slechte afvoer van het circuit. Het maakt het allemaal niet makkelijker op het Italiaanse circuit voor Albers. Wel is het een goede leer om de auto te leren kennen in natte omstandigheden.

    Oorspronkelijk zou Nicky Pastorelli plaats gaan nemen op woensdagochtend in de Minardi, echter het team gaf Albers voorrang om genoeg kilometers te maken zodat hij zijn Superlicentie kan krijgen.

    Albers reed tot een uurtje of 14.00 zo'n 30 ronden. Hij hield zich voornamelijk bezig met de 'wet-weather' set-up van de Minardi. "Je kon vandaag beter met een powerboat op Misano rondkomen dan in een Formule 1-wagen," grapt Albers in Misano. "Ik ben erg tevreden over de samenwerking met het team. Mijn engineer Laurent en ik werken erg prettig samen en het team pakt dan ook snel alles op om de auto aan te passen naar mijn wensen."
    Quick translation:
    It hasn't stopped raining since this morning. There's a lot of water on the track.
    Untill 14.00h Albers drove aprox. 30 laps, working on the WET set-up.
    Albers sais he's happy with the cooperation with the team and with his engineer Laurent !!!

    Who's this engineer, Laurent ?????
    Sound French to me !!!
  • From Faenza:




    MISANO, ITALY, January 19, 2005 – Weather was once again the dominant factor affecting the second day of the scheduled Minardi Cosworth three-day test at the Autodromo Santamonica, Misano.  With the air temperature initially hovering close to the freezing mark, snow gradually turned to heavy rain during the morning, making driving conditions treacherous and any sort of meaningful technical programme difficult.  Minardi technical staff elected to put Christijan Albers on track, however, so the team’s new Dutch recruit could complete the relatively short distance required to support his Super-licence application.  By the end of the morning, he had covered the necessary 21 laps.  At the start of the afternoon session, and with rain still falling steadily, Nicky Pastorelli ventured on to the track for his delayed test, which had originally been scheduled for yesterday.  He managed two four-lap runs before Minardi personnel decided there was little point in continuing.  Weather conditions permitting, the team will return to Misano tomorrow to complete the final day of the test.            


    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS            Best lap: No meaningful time                 Total laps: 21

    “There’s not really a great deal to say.  The weather made it very difficult to drive, and although I was able to complete sufficient laps this morning to fulfil the requirement for my Super-licence, there was very little we could do of any technical significance.  Weather permitting, we’ll continue with the programme tomorrow, and hopefully, be able to make up for some of the time we’ve lost.”  


    NICKY PASTORELLI              Best lap: No meaningful time                 Total laps: 8

    “It was awesome.  I have to say, I was really well prepared thanks to the engineers’ instructions.  Before getting in the car, they had explained everything to me in detail and I knew exactly what I had to do.  Once on the track, everything went well and we were able to complete the assigned laps without damaging the car.  Despite the weather, it has been a very positive experience, and I want to thank the whole team for making my job easy.  I really hope to be able to continue my relationship with Minardi in the future.”     


    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal

    “We have had an interesting day, even if the weather made it very difficult for both drivers.  Christijan was able to complete a long, 21-lap run, which is excellent, since it means he now has some useful experience of a race-stint distance in the wet.  Nicky also did a very good job, acclimatising to the car quickly and adapting well to the tricky surface conditions.  We now look forward to tomorrow, and hopefully, some better weather.”


    - Ends -


    Minardi Testing Details 

    Location: Autodromo Santamonica, Misano, Italy

    Date: January 19, 2005

    Weather: Windy, cold, snow turning to heavy rain

    Air temperature: 3-7deg C

    Track temperature: 3-5 deg C


    Driver: Christijan Albers (NL)                Driver: Nicky Pastorelli (NL)       

    Chassis allocation: PS04B/04                 Chassis allocation: PS04B/04              
    Distance covered: 85.3 km                        Distance covered: 32.5 km  

  • Thanks Biker for the photos link. Cockpit shots most instructive.
  • On page 6 the last pic there's a RAI tv-reporter interviewing Pastorelli.
    SALVO, RJ and MANLIO: please stay tuned to RAI today!!!!
    I want to know all the details, also if The Man is present or not !!!!
  • I'd love to, but estoy trabajando amigo, I'm working.
  • Reading the PR from Faenza, I'm thinking we might better test somewhere warmer !!!

    I hope there will be another test next month, and if so that it's at Vallelunga (Rome).
    I just looked at the weather report from the Rome area and the temp. is between +4ºC and +9ºC with sun. That's better as in Misano.
    See http://www.tempoitalia.it/meteoregione/previsione.php?reg=lazio
  • Its about damn time we start testing at the same tracks where the lesser F1 teams go.
  • I heard Pastorelli beated TRDW in the 8 laps he was driving by several seconds....
  • I heard Pastorelli beated TRDW in the 8 laps he was driving by several seconds....
    We'll find out tomorrow when they test in better conditions.
  • Yeah,well Pastorelli wasonlytesting today !!!!

    Tomorrow it's Albers vs. Nissany.:hehe:
  • Thanks Biker for the photos link. Cockpit shots most instructive.
    My thoughs are exactly the same word by word
  • Pastorelli was 9(!!!!!!!!!) seconds faster according to autosport.nl(1.59 against 2.08 for Albers)
  • Thats what I already posted before, must be the weatherconditions....
  • IMHO Albers was carefull not to damage the car (he's got the job already), and Pastorelli pushed to show what he's worth (so he can impress his potiential ChampCar bosses) !!!
  • Still a lot of snow:(

    JVC is on the car:D

  • How can they seriously have a productive test in these conditions? Track and air temps low, snow seems a serious waste of track time :(
  • At least the drivers get some laps done, to get more aquianted to the car and team.
    Nissany is in action as well!!

    I wonder what happened here:

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  • Any news if the team will also test tomorrow?

    Track doesn't look very good, indeed :(


    And Chanoch seems to be there...

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  • I think the important thing is that we are testing, which is more than what happened last year.

    I don't see Jordwas testing.

  • Testing....? Maybe but you are right - the team is out and working as a race team. Not stuck in the shops but out using the race equipment - getting tuned up for the start of the season.

    Train like you fight I say.
  • Testing? The ability to build snowmen maybe! I know funds are tight but geez you cannot "Test" a modern F1 car in conditions like this you can drive it but Test - What test! ( apart from testing the quality of tow ropes!)

    [Edited on 4/2/2005 by Ger]
  • but: they are testing the old wing configuration:so what is the point of this test??
  • Nicely spotted Steve
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