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Misano - Day 2



  • http://images.f1racing.net/large/39325.jpg

    Sorry, but for me, it's 05-aero...
    Here is 05-Aero :
    from the test in November
  • Today's times:

    Pos. Driver Team Tires Time Laps
    1 C. Albers Minardi 01:14:270 57
    2 N. Kiesa Minardi 01:20:400 10
    3 C. Nissany Minardi 01:25:380 6
    More pics:
  • Albers went faster than he did last time (1:14.490), but last year Bruni did a 1:09.627, so we'll need to see how the 2 compare when the track is warm and conitions are better.
  • And Kiesa was 6 secounds slower.... :rolleyes:
  • I'll toss out the few seconds diff just on weather but what on earth is the excuse for K man being 6 seconds off?

    Grrrrrrrrr. Nice guy or not he needs to get the baloon off his foot.
  • Grrrrrrrrr. Nice guy or not he needs to get the baloon off his foot.
    Indeed! If this times are showing Kiesas REAL speed, than I will pray for Dornboss....
  • The guy did TEN laps, so he prolly wouldn't have had more than 2 fast laps back-to-back ie mostly in and out-laps.
    Same for Nissany.
  • Yeah c13, but we're talking about 6 secounds. 6 secounds on a very, very short track and that's a lot. Any news if the team will also be on the grid tomorrow?
  • Seeing that he drove only 10 laps (1/5 of Albers' laps) I assume he hasn't got the 2nd seat yet.
    Else he would have had more laps to be in an equal posistion as Albers.
    Maybe he'll be the 3rd driver ???
  • Well, there is still hope.... but only a few.
    European driver, was in F1 before and drove for Minardi..... I don't know, but if i read between the lines, i'm reading that he dove also for another team, so maybe Baumgartner? Ah, that would be soooo nice :)
  • Zsolt, TDW, Kiesa, Wilson, Mazzacane, Yoong, Marques.

    Who knows ??
  • Argentinia and Malaysia are in Europe? Wow, that's cool :P
  • Just kidding !!!:)

    News from the Dutch section of F1racing.net:
    Albers says that probably we will test in Imola on 19 and 20 of February !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(That's Saturday and Sunday:o)

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  • Wow, that would be.....:cool: :cool: :cool:

    Are there infos in the article if they will also test tomorrow?
  • That has got to be with the PS05 that close to the start of the season

    Here's hoping:D
  • At least the drivers get some laps done, to get more aquianted to the car and team.
    Nissany is in action as well!!

    I wonder what happened here:

    [Edited on 4/2/2005 by Minardus]
    seeing the times I think I understand: the Range Rover just passed Nissany
  • think positive, he's about to overtake.
  • wake up guys, this is a simple refuelling process :hehe:

    [Edited on 4/2/2005 by ATi]
  • Now there's an idea of making F1 a better spectacle - On Track Refueling!
  • From Faenza:



    MISANO, ITALY, February 4, 2005 – Difficult weather and track conditions at the Autodromo Santamonica forced Minardi F1 Team personnel to reduce this week’s planned two-day test at the Adriatic circuit to just a single day.  Ice and snow in the run-off areas had largely dispersed by this morning, allowing the team to run a shortened, but still productive, technical programme with a pair of Minardi Cosworth PS04B chassis for drivers Christijan Albers, Chanoch Nissany and Nicolas Kiesa.  The three men were on differing programmes, Kiesa’s task being to carry out set-up work on Chassis 03 and assess revised control software, while Nissany, having his first session with the team since being announced as official Minardi test driver for 2005, was scheduled to continue his Formula One acclimatisation programme.  By comparison, Albers spent much of the day carrying out extended runs in Chassis 04, focusing on set-up and carrying out race simulation work.  The team hopes to conduct at least one further test before leaving for Australia and the first Formula One race of 2005.          


    NICOLAS KIESA                           Best lap: 1 min 20.400 secs                        Total laps: 10

    “I was first out on track this morning, the plan being to carry out two timed runs in order to clock up a bit of additional mileage and to check some revised chassis software.  The track conditions were very poor initially, with a lot of dust and dirt on the surface, but even so, we came up with a configuration for the brakes and the differential that inspired confidence.  As a result, I feel I was able to deliver some useful feedback to the engineers, and I’m pleased with that.  I hope to be able to test again for the team and to continue the useful work that we’ve been doing.”   


    CHANOCH NISSANY                   Best lap: 1 min 25.380 secs                        Total laps:  6

    “It has not been a normal testing day, as the track surface was very slippery and the conditions were pretty difficult.  Even so, you can learn from such challenging circumstances, and I know I have discovered some things today that will be useful in the future.” 


    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS                 Best lap: 1 min 14.270 secs                        Total laps: 57

    “Clearly, the conditions were not good today, with water running across the track surface in places.  Even so, I’m satisfied with the work we’ve done and feel as though, in combination with the engineers, we’ve made some real progress developing a chassis set-up that is effective and with which I feel comfortable.  It has not been an easy test, by any means, but we have taken some useful steps towards our goal of being prepared for the first Grand Prix of the season, in Australia, in just over four weeks’ time.”


    MASSIMO RIVOLA, Sporting Director and Team Manager

    “It’s difficult to be particularly happy with this test, as we lost the whole of yesterday because of the weather, and although the situation improved and we were able to run today, the conditions were still very tricky.  Nicolas was first out, just for a short run, and although he had to contend with a very slippery track, he did his usual mature job.  Chanoch didn’t have a particularly good day, experiencing a couple of non-damaging spins and generally struggling with the conditions, but it all adds to his growing bank of F1 experience.  Christijan again did a very good job, carrying out some longer runs.  His lap times were consistent during the stints, indicating his physical condition is good.  He is definitely fully immersed in the job of being an F1 driver, and the team is happy with both his approach and his attitude to the job.”   

    - Ends -


    Minardi Testing Details

    Location: Autodromo Santamonica, Misano, Italy

    Date: February 4, 2005

    Weather: Cloudy, cold and windy

    Air temperature: 4-6 deg C

    Track temperature: 4-6 deg C


    Driver: Nicolas Kiesa (DEN)              Driver: Chanoch Nissany (IS)         Driver: Christijan Albers (NL)

    Chassis allocation: PS04B/03            Chassis allocation: PS04B/04            Chassis allocation: PS04B/04

    Distance covered: 40.6 km               Distance covered: 24.4 km               Distance covered: 231.4 km
  • EDIT, Emmet was one minute faster then me...

    [Edited on 4/2/2005 by Homer]
  • Are you on Faenza's mailing list too?
  • No, it was the first time today that i looked on TOMS....I was lucky ;)

    Was my last e-Mail to you concrete enough, btw?
  • Yes - my reply is not done - you got put in my draft folder. Look for it soon.
  • image

    Why is Nissany throwing spears at that Range Rover? Is this our new secret weapon? :P

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  • Christijan seems to think that there will be a 'makeup session' next week.


    Last part of his quote.
  • Ilike the comment from Massimo Rivola, a couple of non damaging spins!!! From the reports he spun 5 times in 6 laps. :o
  • According to F1Total.com, Friesacher said in an interview that he won't drive for Minardi in 2005. It was no question of skill, but of money. Sad but true... :(
  • Why are we wasting time with that Nissany fellow? :mad:

    He'd better bring a mountain of cash with him...
  • Albers went faster than he did last time (1:14.490), but last year Bruni did a 1:09.627, so we'll need to see how the 2 compare when the track is warm and conitions are better.
    Bruni's time was done on the 11th of februari, so it probably was'nt much warmer.
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