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Rugby WC

Just watching England getting taking apart by Australia which means they're out of their own tournament. Wondering how much you guys care :-)


  • You see, viges has been silent because he will say he is Welsh.

    Joe Launchbury man of the match?
    Oh please!!!!
  • Italy was doomed with Ireland and France. At least we sold our skin dear to the green ones. Will support Wales now!
  • Dewch ar Cymru.

    Look you, boyo, as my dear old Lease will tell you, this 15-a-side mullarky will never catch on. Cross country wrestling, I think he calls it.
  • Maybe we should change the thread to Rugby Southern Hemisphere Cup........just sayin
  • Didn't expect the Argies to go that far. Btw I think Scotland was robbed ;)
  • commiserations aussie friends... then again, what do the Kiwis have beyond rugby? I mean they've even stopped making LOTR movies
  • Playing Rugby and talking funny.....Oh yeh, and lots of sheep.
  • The strongest team won. 'Nuff said.
  • Isn't the definition of Rugby, 30 blokes running up and down a paddock for 90 minutes, and then at the end New Zealand win????
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