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Oh MeGawd!

jos testing a minardi today!!


  • Pay driver :P
  • jos testing a minardi today!!
    Not testing !!!
    Just chauffeuring some guests in the F1x2 !!!:hehe:
  • Pay driver :P
    Yes of course, Jos brings in money so he can drive one of the shitty two-seaters.
  • "SHITTY" eh..........

    Bet you will be salivating to get into it if ur offered a ride...
  • Sitting a year away from driving, getting back for a single day, and posting the fastest lap of all the F1x2's. The whole phenomen of Boss.
  • Maybe thats because TDW is the only one stupid enough to think a fast lap time in a F1x2 car would imress someone :P
  • in fact Jos did'nt pay for the 2 seater thing: he just was there to drive around his friend and buissiness partner Harry Muermans.
    And Jos was actualy faster with the 2 seater than Patrick Huisman in the PS04 :hehe:

  • "SHITTY" eh..........

    Bet you will be salivating to get into it if ur offered a ride...
    I wouldn't let such a chance pass by. That's true.

    But compared to what's out there today, this is 7 year old technology.

    And of course, if you guys try to annoy me by saying shitty things about Jos, I will do just the same (and you are stupid enough to actually respond to it)
  • Hi Stevefan:P

    TDW has lost weight.
  • Fastest lap or not - they are nothing more than a distraction for the Team and for Jos.

    If he thinks this anything more than a fun way to spend an aftenoon then he is mistaken.
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