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New car


Just bought one these EXACTLY the same as in the picture, same colour as well, today. Been wanting one for ages but I recently found out that they had stopped making the Arosa last July so I had to bring my plans to buy one in October when mine would have to be traded in forward. There were six 'used' Arosa 1.4 16 valve sports at all the SEAT dealers countrywide and the best one just happened to be 5 miles away. It was registered to the garage last October and only has 350 miles on it, but has dropped from the new price of £10000 to £8500, bargain!
Americans wouldn't understand cos it is not a 20 litre car but this little 1.4 engine still gets it up to 117 mph and with it's sports suspension and wide low profile tyres sticks like glue in the corners.........
Why am I posting this information here? Why not I say.....wooo hooo!

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  • wow, a red cross
  • Ahh yer caught me just as I was editing......lol
  • They say a mans car is an extension of his P****. Guess size doesn't matter eh! :hehe:

    Just Joking of Course!!!!!!!!

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  • A small car with "big" engine means huge fun on the road! :)

    good luck with this little red devil!
  • Where do you put the tool to wind up the spring?
  • I think that car would just about fit inside any of the cars in the states. Though sounds like loads of fun with that engine and its size.
  • Nice buzz-box Matt.

    Need to make a choice meself soon:

    Finalists at this stage are:



    Not very sporty, but oh, so practical.
  • only youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Matt, do you keep this one in the glove compartment of your real car????????? ;)
  • *pfft*, you're all playing with toys. You need one of these. :)


    The '8' on the left is mine, the '7' on the right is a mate's.
  • I used to see many of them whils in Barcelona, a nice car you've got Matt. When VW purchased Seat their quality in materials and finishing details improved a lot (same as Skoda).
    I'd prefer an Ibiza, but Arosa iis cool as well.
  • Bloody Hell P1. All respect for you has gone now, driving 'round in the Hiroshima Screamer's.

    There is no substitute for cubic inches. My also wife agrees with this for one reason or another.
  • There is no substitute for cubic inches. My also wife agrees with this for one reason or another.
  • There is no substitute for cubic inches.
    Ride in my car. It will change your perception. :hehe:

    My brother-in-law loves his V8s, but all it took was a quick ride in my GSR Lancer a few years ago and within 6 months he had purchased a WRX.

  • There is no substitute for cubic inches. My also wife agrees with this for one reason or another.
    Like I said size matters!
  • Ger sez.....

    "Like I said size matters"

    hmmm..... I recall that you were driving a Ford Focus????

    and by the way, I drive a Dodge Ram Quad Cab Sport 4X4 Hemi....... as Mrs. Murphy likes to add....."SWEEEEEEET"....
  • We're enjoying our new Harrier.
    That's a Lexus RX300 in some other countries.

    3.0 L DOHC V6 24 Valve variable valve timing.
    183 Cub inshes and 220 HP.
    It has 4 speed auto/manual with finger tip changing on the wheel.

    Sleek and fast!

    It almost drives itself and doesn't like anything to pass it.

    And Oz....I've driven Holdens, Fords, Renault, a '76 Chev Caprice, Mazda MX6, a Merc, BM, and Hondas.....

    but we're now a 2 Toyota family (plus my Colnago bike).
  • No Murph it's a Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI. ( My little run around is a Ford Fiesta which is on it's last legs!) I couldn't get your Dodge down the road to my house never mind drive it on Irish Roads!
  • Ger, ya can drive the Dodge when ya come to stay at the house before we head to Indy in June......now where did I leave that old booster chair.............................

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  • Toyota = whitegoods on wheels. They have no soul.

    Last Toyota to have some soul was the Supra twin turbo.
  • We're an all Nissan family. Mum and dad have a 2001 Navara crew cab, while I have the same deal in a 1994 model. Prior to that it was a N/A Skyline with all the goodies (except the turbo :()
  • I just got my motorcycle license (learners), so I'm hoping to move beyond the Toyota Camry.

    to those in Melbourne, please if you see a nut with a banged up motorbike lying dead in the gutter after hitting a tree in a couple of months, please put a blanket on me.

    *Please note, if for some strange reason the missus reads this ... No,. I'm not really getting a motor bike.
  • *Please note, if for some strange reason the missus reads this ... No,. I'm not really getting a motor bike.
    He's getting a motor scooter :hehe:


    Seriously though, I'd really love to get a bike (I'm a bit screwed in the head), but I need a car for work :(

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  • My way of transport is a Gazelle.......
  • Gazelle?


    More utilitarian than comfortable, though.
  • given his name i think he means this kind of gazelle

  • I thought he was talking about an S12

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  • Oh, you mean't........

    Oops, how siily of me....

  • I'm proud to be the owner of an original Gazelle, not such a fancy one. It's like this one, but mine has drum brakes and three gears. They are still a booming succes in communities like Sstaphorst and Katwijk aan Zee !!! ;)

  • Damn it, they did'nt have any for me to trade for at the SEAT garage. :(
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