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New car



  • damnit, I can't hold on any longer...

    This is completely off topic, but SB, I need to know.

    Is that really your ugly mug in your avatar??


  • this is a GAZelle too :)
  • As is this:

  • Hahahaha, no real bikers over here? The previous one was a Batavus..... and not a Gazelle. Look and admire... especially the drum brakes


    Ain't it a beauty ??!!!

    P.S. I guess it'll be pretty easy to give it Minardi's next livery
  • you're from Staphorst, Biker?:o:o
  • you're from Staphorst, Biker?
    I'm worse :hehe:

    I've got:
    - no car
    - no drivers license
    - no mobile phone
    - no telephone answering machine (or how do you call that?)
    - no dvd's
    - no videorecorder or -camera
    - no digital photocamera
    - no soundcard in my computer (yes I have a 6 year old computer !! with multiple disfunctions....)
    - no dishwasher
    - no teletext on our 14 year old television
    - no tumbler for laundry

    But I do play cd's and old records, we inherited a microwave , we share a freezer with my aprents and for three years we bought a beautiful Boretti (I'll try to find a photo of one).

    "De Heer heeft vreemde kostgangers" ;)
  • but you live in Staphorst?

    your list is not so weird, I've come to hate mobile phones as well

    boretti as in old style kitchen hub?

    [Edited on 24/2/2005 by forzaminardi]
  • No no, not Staphorst. I live near the sea in 'het hart van de Bollenstreek'.


  • *having a dig* Anna Paulowna?
  • *having a dig* Anna Paulowna?
    That's not in de Bollenstreek. It's in Zuid-Holland (about 15 km. south of......Zandvoort).
  • Loads of bollen north of Alkmaar but I guess you mean Keukenhof and that area...
  • Speak english :P
  • It's best he doesn't.
  • What about one of thesed?????


    Ford Shelby GT - found on atlasf1

    a polished aluminium finish!!!
  • Is that really your ugly mug in your avatar??
    Was that said with a hard-on Junior?
  • I'll own up if you do.:D
  • Please don't. :(
  • Ohmigod, what an horrific thought.

    Here's my baby camping at Magny-Cours last summer.


    After two more big trips (Imola inclusive) the Lotus will have to go this summer to make way for a rather more child-friendly car.
  • the Lotus will have to go this summer to make way for a rather more child-friendly car.
    Is there something you want to tell us?
  • I thought I just did!

    Yes, a new Minardi fan is on the way. Revving-up in the pitlane, if you will.
  • Your pic does not work but I will be looking into offing one of my Mustangs in order to buy a 4 seater - like an Espada. Isn't there a 4 seater ride that appeals to you?

    BTW - congrats in advance. Your world has now changed forever. If male might I suggest Emmett? As in Robert Emmett.

    [Edited on 3/3/2005 by MCSF]
  • Errr ... I was thinking more 'RJ'.

    Or Pierluigi.

    Or Luca.


    Err, err.
  • Picture - we need to see the piocture. I think you need to take the sizing info out of the[img] block.

  • Oh, I can see it.

    Hmm, how about this?


    Other pics at:


    incl. RJ with a mystery driver + Astons and Bentleys from the Classic Car Club in London + couple of Minardi.
    NB the Silverstone campsite one with the 70s Aston includes the Minardi flag + another one murph will love.

    PS thanks for your good wishes.

    [Edited on 3/3/2005 by viges]
  • Yep congrats Mr Vigar.....If it's a boy get him signed into carting early!! :P
  • congrats to both mr and mrs vigar!

    so how much does your lotus sell for? I've got 140 euro left from my erasmus grant.

    Given it's a boy I'll buy him a car for his 18th birthday if you call him Robert. Now what has Emmett to offer to top this?:hehe: :hehe:
  • Wow, I always assumed he was impotent :shrugs:

    Congrats mate.
  • Congratulation viges! :D
  • image

    RJ has been kind enough to show me the car he has waiting in his garage for the poor little blighter when he reaches 18!!! :P
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