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Att Melburnians



  • True - but I am not worried. If he can't gt down the road to watch Minardi I doubt he'll go out of his way to track me down here in the good ol' USA>
  • *bump*

    Junior, i've got a group of 6, including me. All STi and Skyline drivers, apparently a great bunch according to Dan (the only one I know).

    So that gives you 12?

    Got any more details on the track? Can we get 12 cars going at once? I'm pretty sure only I will need picking up, as most of the guys are Melbourne people. :)
  • We'll probably have to do two heats and then a final... the more the merrier... we just needed a minimum of 8.

    FunCity Entertainment Complex
    234 Ballarat Rd
    Braybrook 3019

    Let me know when and where to pick you up.


  • Junior - are the karts full house types or weedy little toy ones that max at about 40km/h? Is the track outdoor (and thus big) or indoor (and thus small).

    [Edited on 1/3/2005 by MinardiP1]
  • ahh... indoor in case it pisses down, as it the case sometimes in Melbourne.

    I have no idea about the type of karts, but given it's indoor, I guess that means toys?? I don't know.
  • in true Minardi fashion, we went for the slowest karts in Melbourne.:hehe:
  • Junior - if a bunch of non OZ Minardi types show they must either join or pay suitable tribute....that is the way the racketeering.. I mean Minardi Club game works.

    Don't break with tradition!
  • 'they must join' Mr Quigley??

    Belive me, they will be begging us to 'let them in'.
  • Launch is @ 10:50 on Brockys Hill
  • Belive me, they will be begging us to 'let them in'.

    Hell, I signed up early and I can't even go to any events!
  • Yeah me too. That's chauvinism:spank: :hehe:
  • Okay... we are short of numbers. We need a minimum of 8, and we have dwindled down to 5.

    Me (2)

  • I'm coming.

    Hang on, I'm in London.

  • MinardiP1, can you give me a call as soon as possible? I dont have your bloody number.

    That said, if someone can pass the number on to me that'd be splendid.
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