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BMW to buy Sauber

I can't believe it! Apparently BMW wants to buy Sauber.
Now what would be the point of that? Where would it leave Williams? Is Minardi the only privateer outfit left?


  • Could make sense if they want to do the whole package and don't want to pay what Frank & Patrick would ask, but still seems a bit strange. What source RJ?
  • apparently mosley said it
  • Well, I wouldn't really call Red Bull and Midland manufacturers so I guess Minardi isn't really the only privateer yet.
  • everyone want to buy everything but minardi
  • Now you see what damage has already been done.

    Anyway if this is true therer is no telling if Peter Sauber would say yes to a buy out. He seems to run a tight ship at Sauber and he ain't exactly a backmarker either. It's not like he's looking like he's having a tough time of it.
  • If that were to happen, then Frank Williams wil once again be a real privateer !!!!!
  • Technically Williams are still a privateer team.

    Could make sense, BMW have been bitching about the FW chassis being the thing that's holding back the engine for a couple of years now. even when the BMW lump was recognised as the most powerful on the grid, Willaims weren't doing anything special.
  • Risky movement if true, but Williams is yet to deliver enough merits to maintain bavarian power.
  • Max is just winding Frank up - sow seeds of doubt between your opponents, yadda yadda.
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