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Pizzonia to drive a Minardi

From F1racing.net:
Up to 50,000 Melbournians may gather for Wednesday's F1 street parade. Two Minardis, one driven by Coburg-born team owner Paul Stoddart with a special livery, and Williams' Antonio Pizzonia, will 'bring the city alive,' 50-year-old Stoddart said.


  • don't let him spoil the car!
  • don't let him spoil the car!
    stoddard or pizzaboy ? ;)

    Why isnt Albers or Friesacher driving??
    I would have thought that any running, even this kind of event, would be useful.
  • Another opportunity for Williams to spy on us more like:mad:;)
  • Pizza will drive a Williams.
    Albers will drive the 2nd Minardi.

    All details are here:

  • F1racing.net should have formulated that sentance in another way !!!!:spank:
  • Does anybody know when the car will be launched? I hope I can see it before to I have to go too school (about 8:00 in Europe)

    [Edited on 28/2/2005 by Homer]
  • Yeah good question. No official confirmation yet?
  • It will be launched the 3rd of march as far as I know, but there isn't anything about the time...

    Mhm.... could be a nice day: Wake up, watch the launch, having two hours of french and one history lesson, go home, read the interviews :P
  • So which car will be at the launch the PS04 they are starting the season with or the PS05 with some PS04 hybrid parts welded on?

    I guess it will be the PS04
  • Why would they use parts from the 04 on the 05 Matt?
  • Well I was thinking that if they don;t want people to see the developed parts they intend to use for 2005 they might put the 2005 monocoque out there with a few 2004 pieces on it for the launch, rather than go with the crap idea of having the PS04 at the launch
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