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Malaysia thread



  • I hope they will go faster than that, 7 seconds slower than the fastest time right now, 3 sec slower than Judas.
  • According to the official F1 site Sato has the sniffles and will not be competing.

    He'd a made a lousy kamakaze pilot.
  • Imagine sneezing at 300+ km/h. And you can't clean the inside of the visor.:P
  • This should dispell any myths about Davidson's talent ( or should I say lack of it). Its one thing to have new tyres and no engine restrictions for Friday testing. Its another thing posting quick times under race conditions. In my opinion Davidson is hyped up by the British press. He's a moderate driver. F1 does not need another moderate driver in its ranks.
  • The same could be said about all of the British drivers on the grid.

    Button - itv's posterchild in the cause of bigger ratings.
    Coulthard - being beaten by Klien this weekend ffs!
    Davidson - another of those trampled by Webber.

  • it seems to me Bridgestone has a big problem with the high tempratures.
  • From Faenza:


    KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, March 19, 2005

    Despite the all-pervasive heat and humidity of Kuala Lumpur, lap times tumbled in the first qualifying session for the Malaysian Grand Prix, today’s provisional pole position time marking a significant improvement on last year’s pole-winning time of 1 min 33.074 secs. As they had promised yesterday, Minardi F1 Team drivers, Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher, continued to fine-tune their cars to the demands of the Sepang International Circuit, making demonstrable progress in the course of Saturday morning’s two practice sessions. The improvement in lap times for the Minardi drivers was attributable to a number of factors, including greater knowledge of the Malaysian Grand Prix track – both Albers and Friesacher are racing here for the first time – chassis set-up changes to the cars, and the availability of useful new aerodynamic data, which was provided overnight by technical personnel at the Minardi factory in Faenza.

    Position: 19
    Time: 1 min 39.268 secs Chassis: PS04B/02
    “I’m generally happy with the car today, although the balance in the quick corners wasn’t quite as good as it might have been, as I had more oversteer than in free practice this morning. I think we have to work a little bit on that, but overall, my qualifying lap was not bad. We certainly improved from yesterday, and I want to say thanks again to the guys for doing another great job.”

    Position: 20
    Time: 1 min 40.432 secs Chassis: PS04B/04
    “Quite simply, my out lap this afternoon was just too slow, and the tyres were not at their optimum for the qualifying run, the result being that I just wasn’t able to put the lap together. This may be good for conserving tyres, but it’s not good for qualifying. The positive news, however, is that we made some progress overnight, and I think we’ve now got a good race set-up. We’ll see what we can do in final qualifying tomorrow morning.”

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth

    “On a positive note, today’s qualifying performance saw Minardi less than a second off its last year’s best qualifying time here at SIC. My thanks go to the entire team, including those at the factory in Faenza, for the splendid way in which they have worked to improve this car, and to both drivers, for a job well done. I just hope that the unexpected additional workload involved in improving the old car does not delay the introduction of the Minardi Cosworth PS05, planned for Imola. It was also very gratifying, at the end of today’s qualifying session, to see four former Minardi drivers occupying the top six positions.”
    I just hope that the unexpected additional workload involved in improving the old car does not delay the introduction of the Minardi Cosworth PS05, planned for Imola
    I don't know why, but I don't like this sentence....:mad:
  • How much are we going to bet, that Davison will not finish the race but slide off, while chasing someone (far far away)
  • Bzzzt! Goading foul - RJ, penalty!

    Deliberately trying to get Matt to post - 5 point deduction.
  • Anyone see Freisacher slap over a second into Albers backside. Guy does not look hot at all. Looks like he's fallen into 2000 mode.
  • you're talking about whom?
  • According to Albers the Bridgestone men toldhim to do a slow outlap.
    Who would trust a Jap????:P
  • A German?



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  • Unless Albers is planning on a one-stopper...this guy is awful. Freisacher is mopping the floor with him! Either's Pat's a stud, the find of the season, or Albers should consider heading back to touring cars...

    Also, does anyone else here relish TOIT's lack of performance as much as I do? Nothing like calling up my stuck-up cronies and rubbing it in their face.
  • From Faenza:



    KUALA LUMPUR, March 20, 2005 – Minardi F1 Team drivers Patrick Friesacher and Christijan Albers were ranked 19th and 20th at the conclusion of this morning’s final qualifying session for the 2005 Malaysian Grand Prix.  Both Minardi drivers produced solid runs to back up their Saturday performances, and are looking forward this afternoon to testing themselves for the first time in their racing careers against what is generally regarded as the most physically challenging race on the current Formula One schedule.     



    Q2 lap time: 1 min 41.918 secs            Q1+Q2: 3 min 21.186 secs       Position: 19th

    “My lap this morning was not as good as yesterday’s, as I made several mistakes.  The car didn’t feel at all bad, though, and I’m looking forward to the race now.  I’m happy we haven’t got to wait too long before it starts.”



    Q2 lap time: 1 min 42.569 secs            Q1+Q2: 3 min 23.001 secs      Position: 20th

    “I was not so happy with my lap time, and we will need to work on the situation for the race, as there was a lot of understeer on that run and we lost time as a result.  We will definitely need to make some adjustments.”


    - Ends -



    Chassis allocation – 2005 Malaysian GP

    Friesacher (No 20)          PS04B/02

    Albers (No 21)                  PS04B/04

    Spare car (Friesacher)   PS04B/03

  • before the race CA said "I hope I'm fitter than the rest", after he stepped out of the car he collapsed and had to be looked at by the doctor.

    he also said in an interview about Australia that he would'nt be satisfied until nobody could beat him, but it seems thing are not turning out for him like he thought: F1 is a bit thougher than DTM.
  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • CA's commentray after the race: "I forgot to drink"
  • BTW: anyone konw what happened to Friesacher??

    was it a spin caused by Button's oil??
  • CA's commentray after the race: "I forgot to drink"
    In the press conference Alonso and Heidfeld said they had a malfunction in the drink bottle !!!!

    Overall it was a good race. Alonso and Trulli drove solid. Good job by the Toyo and Bull teams as well !!!!!!!
    Ralf and Fisico fucked up !!!!!
    And what was the reason for Pat's spin???
  • Friesacher's DNF was very unfortunate. Driver mistake?

    We actually looked surprisingly good against the Jordans. One of them was briefly overtaken in the first lap and Albers seemed to manage to keep them in sight long into the race. We weren't even running too light. Considering the car we have, I'm beginning to get hopeful.

    Bring on Imola and damn it, no delays on the PS05, please :).

    Kudos to Albers for finishing this tough race. I have a feeling that our current pairing will prove superior to what we had last year.
  • Oh yeah, about Webber: B A L L S. He's a class act, I think. Perhaps too aggressive, but experience will teach him. Heidfeld is good, but Webber has a special spark that occasionally makes him absolutely brilliant.

    What do you guys think of the crashes? Looked like both Ralf and Fisico slid off their lines, but I only saw a brief replay so I dare not make a judgement..
  • Yes, Fisco slid of his line, but it would have been no problem if he let go of the throttle after he git Webber, he launched himself over Marks wheel because he kept his foot full on the throtthle.
  • OK, it was oil:


    KUALA LUMPUR. MALAYSIA, March 20, 2005

    MinardI F1 Team drivers, Patrick Friesacher and Christijan Albers experienced widely varying fortunes in today’s Malaysian Grand Prix. Run in 35 deg C heat at the Sepang International Circuit near Kuala Lumpur, the race is generally regarded as the toughest on the Formula One schedule, and so it turned out to be for the Minardi pair. Friesacher’s car spun under braking for Turn One at the start of the second lap, losing grip on oil that had been dropped moments earlier, and the young Austrian was unable to continue. Albers, by comparison, settled into a nicely consistent race pace after the opening laps and ran a solid race that included two well-executed fuel stops. He suffered a momentary scare 16 laps from the end of the event, when his car lost one of its bargeboards, but despite an adverse effect on the aerodynamics, he pressed on to take the chequered flag in 13th place and record the first finish of his Formula One career.


    Position: 13
    Time: 1 min 42.465 secs Chassis: PS04B/04

    “First of all, I want to thank the team for all their effort. To be honest, I wasn’t happy with my qualifying performances this weekend, but the start of the race was good, as I was able to overtake three cars on the outside of the first corner, but then I suffered a temporary lack of power and Karthikeyan was able to re-pass me. I was able to keep Monteiro behind me for another lap, but I couldn’t hold him off any longer than that. I also lost a position to Patrick, but then after two or three laps, the power started to improve and I was able to follow Tiago. Toward the end of the race, while I was moving over to let some of the faster cars through, I went wide over a curb and lost one of the bargeboards. This meant the car lost downforce, and there was more understeer, and this was reflected in the lap times. Overall, though, I learned a lot and I’m happy to have finished this race, as it’s the toughest of the season.”


    Time: 1 min 43.558 secs Chassis: PS04B/02

    “To be honest, I am a little disappointed. My start was not that good, but then I was able to pass Christijan and was right behind the Jordans. On the second lap, I just touched the brakes going into the first corner and lost the rear of the car on what I guess was oil from the BAR cars. That was it, really, and all we can do is put this race behind us now and look ahead to the next one, in Bahrain.”

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth

    “First of all, congratulations to Toyota for their first-ever podium position in Formula One. They have been there or thereabouts all weekend, and thoroughly deserved today’s result. Turning to our own race, sadly, Patrick’s afternoon was over early as the result of spinning on oil that had been dropped on the track. Christijan soldiered on to finish his first Formula One race, however, setting some impressive times by Minardi standards. Unfortunately, when his car lost one of its bargeboards, it spoiled the aero balance, but nevertheless, it was a gutsy drive in gruelling conditions to take the chequered flag. Special thanks go to the whole team for their efforts in improving the car since Melbourne, and their relentless drive throughout a tough weekend.”

  • Fucking Italians. When that red mist falls..... :rolleyes:

    Webber could've handled that corner differently in hindsight and with a little more experience he would have, but what was Fisichella thinking? Like he was EVER gonna stop on the dirty side of the track, with shit tyres, and an oversteery bastard of a car! :spank:

    Well done to Nick H, I think from the opening salvos of 2005 that it's going to be extremely tight between the two Williams stars.
  • good drive by Klien (and I'm not saying that because he's a fellow Westerner) that move on Barrichello was a class act.

    what on earth were honda thinking? 'boy let's completely make a fool of ourselves on Asian turf ' ?

    good stuff by Trulli as well, first ever podium for Toyota, well with a 350 million budget they might as well I'd have though :rolleyes:

    awesome scenes between Ralf and the Williams boys. that's the kind of stuff we get up for!
  • LOFL @ BAR. :hehe:

    Karma will get you every time, especially in Asia, you 'loophole' arseholes. Nice 'fresh engines' Honda.

    Gotta love how DC is showing up Button. ;)

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  • Great race, exaclty what I like to see. The single set of tyres rule has improved the racing, drivers were getting crazy and reckless near the end of the race, excellent. And from what I can tell, the Minardi pace is off because of; tyres for 1 sec., engine for 2 sec., and chassis for 3 sec If Ferrari can get the tyres back, and the new engine is worth 2 seconds, if they can get just half of the time back on the new chassis, the car will be 1.5 sec. off the renaults. That's solid mid-pack. :):)

    Bring on Imola!

    -speling mistake, too early

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  • We actually looked surprisingly good against the Jordans. One of them was briefly overtaken in the first lap and Albers seemed to manage to keep them in sight long into the race. We weren't even running too light. Considering the car we have, I'm beginning to get hopeful.

    Bring on Imola and damn it, no delays on the PS05, please
    Did you see the onboard of the RedBull vs the Jordan.
    The Cosworth ripped past the Jordan like it was nothing ('cos it is :hehe: )
    Sooo cant wait for the "big" motor :D
  • Something new is happening, finally

    Alonso was great, Fisico did a silly thing, and it doesn't happen often, anyway, these things happen in racing...

    Trulli is amazing, have you noticed he didn't celebrate on the podium?
    2 days ago a canadair (those planes that fix fire) fell down in Italy and 2 died, one of them was a friend of Jarno's.

    Red Bull!!!! Standing ovation, truly.

    Bar woahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah

    Nick, well doneimage

    TOIT... :hehe::hehe:

    Minardi... bring that car to Imola, please!!!!

    ps. If you were flavio briatore, and you had to chose wich of ypour 2 drivers is the one that has to win, who would you chose?
    a 32 years old italian or a veeeery young spaniard ($$$$$)???
    Fisico's car sucked today... I guess it'll happen again in the future.
    Forza Fernando, anyway
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