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Malaysia thread



  • although i thought it was fisi's fault, webber had put his car in a rather silly place, he should have just let fisi run wide and ducked underneath him on the exit. it was painfully obvious that fisi would run wide; his tyres were shot, there was debris on the track, and he was heading for a hairpin...

    great to see 4 ex minardi pilots take up the 4 top slots after qualifying, just shows how vital we are for sourcing future talent.

    davidson must be gutted, villeneuve is on the way out soon, and it was the perfect time to prove he is up for the job (although he isn't)

    bring on imola....
  • Enjoyed that race immensely. Lots of action to keep the interest up.

    The problem of course is that the action was caused by all the wrong reasons. Mostly tyres going off and taking common sense with them. Not sure if this is a good thing, still.

    Sometimes I wonder at the slow parralisis that happens to people's minds as the every-day of F1 creates a new reality. One driver tries a pass on the outside of a corner and leaves tons of room inside him and there is criticism. Fair dinkum!! Does no-one remember Kimi's magic effort in Brazil in the wet a couple of years back? If the other driver had slid into him there would have been hell to pay. I like the Fish but he screwed up and he knows it. He's tried a late-braking maneuver on the dirty line with crook tyres against a patently faster car. There is no mittigation for that - none. Even so Webber tried to steer away and the Fish keeps the boot in which is what caused all the damage. No excuse Giancarlo, own up like a man.

    No kudos for Tojo cause they are Tojo and deserving of nothing.

    Clean race by Alonso who looks to be the one to beat this year.

    No pleasure taken in seeing the Red cars doing so woefully. Mind you, should one be asking the question that if the Swervemaker is such a great driver, why he can't improve his position compared to cars running at similar speeds. No?

    Red Bull are either benefitting from a great chassis built by Jag or we have some major steroidal donkeys comming our way in Imola. Congrats anyway.

    Sauber - sad.

    I tend to agree on the BAR HAR HAR HAR HAR sentiment. Ant is just never going to get a gig. He is just one of those guys that fortune ignores. Mind you, if he hadn't got all cocky and spun those Minardis back when it counted......who knows?

    Well, what about Friedchicken, eh? The boy appears to have a little talent. Let's see.

    At least it was all fun.

  • although i thought it was fisi's fault, webber had put his car in a rather silly place, he should have just let fisi run wide and ducked underneath him on the exit. it was painfully obvious that fisi would run wide; his tyres were shot, there was debris on the track, and he was heading for a hairpin...
    Think you're very wrong there. Webber gave him the equivalent of 3 car widths to the apex to get around that corner, Fisi just made a dumb move with a car that clearly was slower than both of the Williams'. :rolleyes:

    If he let Fisi run wide before he turned in he would've also left the door open for Heidfeld to duck underneath him, and they weren't fighting for 10th place you know.
  • Artificial!!!!

    Is this what F1 is reduced to.

    Waiting for tyres and engines to blow to determine the finishing order. What if Kimi had smacked straight into a wall.

    Fisi, stupid move. If he was allowed to put fresh tyres on Webber wouldn't have had a sniff.

    Ralf! or more appropriately what my 4yo son calls him "Ralfy Ralf" still is a "Wannabe"

    Ferrari, clearly a Bridgestone problem. Can't see the F2005 overcomming the defeiciences of what Bridgestone are supplying.

    Renault, clearly have a jump on the field, but I think McLaren will start to stamp their Authority come Europe.

    Sauber=crap, don't just blame JV.

    Toyota, about time.

    Williams, same as McLaren. Come Europe will be strong.

    Red Bull. Top marks.

    Honda blow.

    Jordon abissmal.

    Minardi. PS05 might be better, but with Bridgestone forget it. Our saving grace is that Jordon are also on Bridgestone.

    Max Mosely=tosser.
  • F1 is going downhill. Went home on Friday after an easy day and then totally forgot about F1. Could be because of the girl who lives near me.;) Back on topic. They need to go back to 1997. And see what made those races so good and then use those rules.
  • Alonso= superb
    Fisi= mistake (unfrequent)
    Webbo= balls, be more patient next time. You deserve a podium already
    Tojos= Trulli perfect, Ralf = the Tojo expensive mistake of this season
    Red Bull= Fine. LOFL when Klien lapped the TOIT
    TOIT= Brouhaha. The best of the race seeing these pompous arses delivering crap all the way. Max will issue a new rule to let them win in Bahrain for sure :spank:
    Minardi = Friedchiken delivers (= Irwin), Albers looks like Mazzacane
    Sauber= crap cars
    BAR= how puny they look like. Richards has to be laughing in his sofa.
  • Bridgestone were the real losers in this race. Minardi were the only Bridgestone team that decreased the gap between their times and the fastest lap of the race, from the OZ GP.

    MS was only half a second behined Alonso's time in OZ, but was +1.5 behined Raikkonen in Maly. The Jordans suffered even more, with Monteiro dropping from +3.4 (in OZ) to +5.0 (in Maly) and Karthikeyan going from +2.2 to +4.5.
    Minardi on the other hand improved with CA being +7.5 seconds behined in OZ and +6.9 seconds in (Maly). Great work from the Minardi team.
  • Bring on the PS05.... Until that car has a start, Minardi aren't going to well. Alber's??? I thought he was better that what he has shown so far...

    It took me till now to calm down after Fisi's BIG braind fade. Webber deserved that podium. The boy has balls and control. What the hell was Fisi thinking? He has lost some of my respect for that one. Geez he made me mad. :spank:
  • I also believe that Quick Nick deserved the podium.

    It was too long ago for him !!!
  • Webber was guilty of poor judgement. Probably due to having Heidfeld breathing down his neck.
    He said Fisichella's tyres were shot then why not simply take the racing line into the lest corner and let Fisichella outbreak himself. Webber took a wider line and was asking for trouble. Mind you the collision was clumsy, looked like Fisichella did a prost to me.
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