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Bahrein GP thread

First training session just over:
Zonta quickest : 1:31.449
M$ fastest "race"driver : 1:32.120
Albers: 1:37.778
Pat: 1:38.603

"nice" detail: Villeneuve is sandwiched between all 3 Jordans and both Minardis !!!!!:hehe:


  • I don't think that's nice at all - I think it's sad. :(

    edit: and learn to spell you damn Spaniard! :P


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  • It looks like Bridgestone have a better tyre here.
  • Friesacher went 6th fastest in the speed traps:
    WUR 251
    ALO 250
    LIU 249
    FIS 249
    ZON 249
    FRI 248

    At least we are on the tail of 1 of the yellow cars.

    1. Wurz - 1:30.695
    21. Monteiro -1:34.727
    22. Friesacher - 1:35.325
    23. Albers - 1:36.094
  • Ay, maybe we can beat Monteiro allready this weekend..

    First Monteiro, than Karthikayan!:P
  • JV's day's are numbered!

    Friesacher is only 1.02 sec behind JV in the 2nd Practice today. Just the fact of such a small margin with a 2002 chassis and a 2 year old engine is making Sauber look real real bad. It is only Practice, however it is one more piece in the JV 2005 story. In 3 weeks when Friesacher overtakes JV in Turn 1 with the PS05, what a story that will be. The goal of racing against the Jordan's can be stretched to racing against Sauber.
  • From Faenza:




    MANAMA, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN, April 1, 2005 – The first day of practice for the Grand Prix of Bahrain may have fallen on April Fools’ Day, but Minardi F1 Team drivers Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher took the start of their preparations for Sunday’s race very seriously.  Neither had driven on the stunning 5.417-km desert circuit previously, and both men used Friday’s two one-hour sessions to acclimatise to the layout and its demands and, as normal, work on the chassis set-up of the Minardi Cosworth PS04B.  Albers and Friesacher initially reported a notable lack of grip on the dusty track surface, which accounted for a couple of non-damaging off-course excursions, but picked up the pace in the afternoon as conditions became more favourable.  The team also took the opportunity to evaluate a modified front wing configuration in the course of the two sessions.        


    PATRICK FRIESACHER           Best lap: 1 min 35.325 secs      Position: 22nd

    “We made some worthwhile improvements to the car during the day, and I’m now feeling comfortable with the chassis set-up.  I’m sure there is still a margin for improvement, though, and if all were to go well tomorrow, I think it could be possible to get into the 1 minute 34-second bracket.”


    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS                Best lap: 1 min 36.094 secs     Position: 23rd

    “I think we have the car working quite well at the moment, although we need to make some small adjustments for Saturday’s single, flying-lap runs.  We’ll do that overnight, and then continue with our programme tomorrow.  Overall, it has been a positive first day.”  


    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth

    “It was an uneventful, but productive day for Minardi.  Both drivers completed their full technical programmes in preparation for Sunday’s race, which should be the last for the Minardi Cosworth PS04B.  The team looks forward to continuing its technical programme tomorrow, concentrating particularly on reliability this weekend.  Both Christijan and Patrick had their first experience of driving at this magnificent track today, and acquitted themselves well in the warm conditions.”  


    - Ends -




    Chassis allocation – 2005 Grand Prix of Bahrain

    Friesacher (No 20)          PS04B/02

    Albers (No 21)                  PS04B/04

    Spare car (Albers)           PS04B/03

  • I don't think that's nice at all - I think it's sad. :(

    edit: and learn to spell you damn Spaniard! :P


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    Well, maybe in Pommie-language !!!:spank:
    In Spanish & Dutch it's spelled like Bahrein !!!!
  • basically you can spell Arab names in any way you want, I can remember having a long conversation whether it was Jedda or Jeddah, Ramalla or Ramallah or Ramallha


    good stuff by wurz, two seconds faster than de la Tulip
  • Nice pic of Albers in front of a Jordan:

    Albers locks the brakes:

    Btw, anybody notice the new sponsors on the Jordan-sidepods: Narain & Tiago !!!!!:hehe:

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  • another nice pic..

  • Nice TasM.
    Imagine the car in military-desert-camouflage livery !!!!!! That would be :cool:
  • This frist practice of Minardi is good. :D

    My English >>>>> :spank:
  • The team also took the opportunity to evaluate a modified front wing configuration in the course of the two sessions.        
    This front wing looks like the one used on the PS02 :o


  • Meanwhile, the Ozjet logos get bigger and bigger.

    Here's how I see it:

    Meurmans wants to be main sponsor but can't justify the expense cause he gets no return outside of Europe.

    He and Stoddart agree to co-own OzJet which Stoddart thinks is going to be a winner in Oz.

    OzJet gets pride of place on the car outside of Europe cause all of OzJet's brand new marketing budget is put into Minardi. Once they get back to Europe, it's back to Meurmans.

    All up, Muermans pays a lot more then he did, but he gets the opportunity for higher direct, and indirect returns. Cool.

    Let's see if that is how it pans out.
  • 3rd practcse:
    1st: M$
    Pat faster as Abers

    4th practice:
    1st: Webber
    Albers faster as Pat.

    Rubinho still hasn't run!!!:o
  • 1. Mark Webber 1:29.527
    16. N. Karthikeyan 1:32.498
    17. T. Monteiro 1:32.686
    18. C. Albers 1:33.715
    19. P. Friesacher 1:34.409
    20. R. Barrichello ---

    @Lease: Do you really think that OZJet is paying for the sponsorship?

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  • Q1 Albers is only 0.6 sec behind Monteiro, that's pretty good.
  • Really goodjob from the dutchmen!
    Just 0.6 and 0.9 slower then the Jordans:hehe:
    I wonder how fast he will be with new car!
  • From TOMS:


    Minardi F1 Team preparations for Sunday’s Grand Prix of Bahrain remained on course today, Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher working through the remainder of their technical programme during this morning’s free practice sessions before turning their attention to the opening qualifying runs. With track temperatures soaring to 54 deg C by early afternoon, it was clear from the opening runs that circuit grip levels had diminished compared with the morning, but nonetheless, Albers and Friesacher both produced strong performances, losing less time against their morning runs than many of their rivals. The team was also pleased with the performance of both Minardi Cosworth PS04B chassis, which ran with absolute reliability in the desert heat.

    Position: 19
    Time: 1 min 34.005 secs Chassis: PS04B/04
    “During the last race, in Malaysia, we had a good car in terms of race set-up, but we were just missing the one flying lap in qualifying – we simply couldn’t get it together in terms of grip level. This weekend, we have been focusing a little bit on the single flying lap, and it has yielded results today. I’m pleased, and I think it was quite a good lap. The track was also slower this afternoon than it was in this morning’s practice sessions, but comparatively speaking, we didn’t lose as much time in the qualifying run as some of the others.”

    Position: 20
    Time: 1 min 34.848 secs Chassis: PS04B/02
    “It wasn’t a bad qualifying run – I just had a bit of understeer and made a few little mistakes during the lap. I think we can improve on the time tomorrow, so we are not looking bad for the race. The guys did a really good job because they had quite a bit of work to do between free practice and qualifying, so I would like to say thanks to them.”

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth

    “All things considered, to be less than a second from our nearest rival with the old car is pleasing indeed. It inspires hope and a renewed sense of confidence in the team when we know how much quicker the new car should be in the coming races. We believe Minardi’s goal for this year, of finishing ninth place in the World Constructors’ Championship, remains realistic. As usual, both drivers, and the entire team, put in a sterling effort today.”
    BTW, anybody know why PT won't reply but always has to start hisown threads about subjects that already have a thread ?????:rolleyes:
  • Albers make a good lap in qualify session. Good job Albers! Good luck to Minardi Team in sunday race!

    I have a question: The PS05 debut in Ímola?

  • BTW, anybody know why PT won't reply but always has to start hisown threads about subjects that already have a thread ?????:rolleyes:
    I've noticed that.
    He never participates in the forum, he just starts new threads with pathetic self righteous diatribes :rolleyes:
  • Well, you know alot about pathetic. I for one don't understand why he does not participate in threads but I like his input - much I agree with.

    You should be more sensitive of others diversity.

    Now go out and get a job slacker!
  • Well, you know alot about pathetic.
    Even for you, thats a pretty cheap shot :rolleyes:
  • I'm in a bad mood.
  • I've never like Coulthard more....

    When asked how JPM may have injured himeself, he did side step the issue. However in a good natured swipe the Scot observed "Of course when fat people try to get fit, they can often end up doing themselves damage." :hehe:
  • hehehehehehehehehe - hardy har har!
  • retirements early.. interesting!! the heat, it's 55 degrees on track...

    Albers collides with Coulthard, horget the collision, how did he get close enough to tag the Red Bull??!!

    Paddy all over the back of Tiggy.

    TATA gone tata (goodbye)
  • Patrick passed monteiro!!! :D
  • and after 10 laps, paddy gets past tiggy. we are officially RACING the jordans with the old car.
  • and MS is out... yeeha!!
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