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PSO5 at Imola

There will be 2 PSO5's at Imola, they are going to try to test chassis 1 on Friday:cool:

The taem are flat out busy will loads of new parts to sort out;)


  • Great that they will race at Imola !!!!

    Testing this week friday or next week??
  • Were they indeed gearbox parts that they were waiting for?

    Thanks for the info, Jason.
  • Excellent news!!! I can't wait to see the photo's :P

    I am getting confused as to which PS05 thread to read next!
  • Testing this week friday or next week??
    As I understand it, 14th April
    Im sorry I dont know which parts they were...
  • The 14th is today (thursday)
  • any photos please?????
  • any photos please?????
    of the parts ??:)
  • Well, looks like testing tomorrow, I told you so ;)

    I was right! Minute's silence please!
  • (Clown observes a minutes silence for the death of Homer's stupidity) ;)
  • Sorry...15th:spank::)
  • I'll stay tuned tomorrow to all f1 web pages so I can see a photo of the PS05!!!!
  • ALbers did a seatfitting today. If Minardi is going to test the new car, no press is allowed. Anyone going and take some shots over the fences....? :P
    The boys are going to work on the car whole night until 4.00 am to try to get it ready!!!!image
    Just before Imola the new car will be presented, but hopefully pics will show up before that.

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  • No press - No pics.

    Damn! :(
  • pics? who cares, times are more important. We wont get past those Jordans just by looking good..

    that said, some pics would be friggin fantastic!
  • Stoddy said Imola was an executive decision, the team wanted to hold off until Spain.

    He also confirmed that the T-car will have to wait until then, it will be a PS04B for Imola.
  • Source? I agree with the theory that fast and unreliable is better than pathetic but reliable - what is there to lose?

    If PS made this cal then there is only one thing to say


    He must be listening to GCM
  • www.autosport-atlas.com

    He says unless Jordan have something in the works then they are toast pretty much. Also described the car as having elements of TOIT, Toyota and Renault.
  • Let's hope one of those elements is speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Are our drivers up to it?
  • I'm 100% sure that our line-up is stronger than Jordan's.
  • Got this from Reuters. Hope they don't mind.

    LONDON, April 15 (Reuters) - Minardi have Indian Narain Karthikeyan in their sights.

    Formula One's smallest, poorest and least successful team hope their first all-new car in three years will enable them to beat Karthikeyan's Jordan, their nearest rivals, on a regular basis from next week's San Marino Grand Prix at Imola.

    That would be quite something for a team who have scored just three points in the last five years and whose annual budget is less than Ferrari's world champion Michael Schumacher earns in a season.

    "It's the first totally ground-up new (Minardi) for three years," said team owner Paul Stoddart of his new baby, the Cosworth-engined PS05.

    "I don't want to make a fool of myself by saying we're going to beat Jordan," added the Australian entrepreneur.

    "But, by all accounts and certainly the data I've seen, unless they've got something up their sleeve we should be in a good position after Imola."

    After a shakedown on Friday, the team plan to take two new cars to Imola with an old PS04B as the spare because a third PS05 will not be ready until the following race in Spain.

    Champions Ferrari did the same with their new car at the last race in Bahrain.

    Minardi, operating in an entirely different dimension to the champions but with the comfort of having their Faenza factory just down the road from Imola, have gone a step further.

    "We are going to hit the ground at Imola with a car that hasn't been tested," said Stoddart. "This is going to be Australia 2001 all over again when we turned up with the new car literally in the box."

    Australia 2001 was Stoddart's first race after rescuing Minardi, the fourth oldest team on the Formula One grid with 324 grands prix behind them since their debut 20 years ago, from imminent financial collapse.


    "The boys wanted to wait until Barcelona but I said no, we said Imola and we've got to do it at Imola," said Stoddart. "They've been working night and day to get two of them ready for Imola. The T-car (spare) will be there for Spain."

    Last year's car was a carry-over from 2003 while that model had a new engine but otherwise shared much of the basic componentry with the 2002 version.

    "It's going to look more Toyota, Renault, Ferrari-ish in that it's very curved," said Stoddart of the new car. "It's completely and utterly different to the one we've got now."

    The big plus for the team is that they will get their hands on the same Cosworth engine that Red Bull, formerly Jaguar, have used to such good effect this season.

    That does not mean that Minardi, with Dutch rookie Christijan Albers and Austrian Patrick Friesacher, expect to emulate Red Bull's Briton David Coulthard who has scored points at every race so far.

    "You've got to remember that these people have spent months and months testing, wind tunnel, and we don't have their resources," said Stoddart.

    "We certainly know the aero package is far better than the one we've got, but whether it will be an improvement that goes beyond Jordan...we've made it very clear that Jordan's our ambition.

    "If we're ahead of Jordan then as far I'm concerned the team has done its job."

    Toyota-powered Jordan, lucky winners of the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix, have fallen far from the heady heights when they and Germany's Heinz-Harald Frentzen finished third in the championship in 1999.

    Bought by Russian-born Canadian businessman Alex Shnaider in January, they are in a transition phase before being renamed Midland next season.


    Karthikeyan, India's first Formula One driver, has performed creditably in his first three races alongside fellow rookie Tiago Monteiro of Portugal.

    The Jordans beat both Minardi drivers in Australia and Malaysia but Karthikeyan retired in Bahrain with an electrical problem. Neither team has scored a point yet.

    "One lucky race will decide ninth and 10th in the championship," said Stoddart.

    "From my point of view...it's all going to come down to whether we've been consistently outperforming Jordan. The points will come down to luck but if we have been consistently the best I'll be happy."

    There is also a financial consideration, although not a major one.

    "If we've been consistently outperforming a team that's got one-and-a-half times our budget and that was perceived to be in a position to beat us with a very respectable engine...it will make it a lot easier for us to get sponsorship," said Stoddart.

    "The biggest thing for us is not necessarily financial, it's all about motivation. These guys give 110 percent all the time and it's a pretty tough call to be last."

  • That there is fighting talk!!!!!!!!

  • Anybody got some confirmation that we will test today ????
  • thats the shit...

    dems fighting words paul!!
  • Anybody got some confirmation that we will test today ????
    The Minardi F1 Team today officially confirmed that the first Minardi Cosworth PS05 chassis will today undergo its initial shakedown runs during a "closed-door" test at the Mugello circuit. Christijan Albers will handle the driving duties for the Italian team.

    Team Principal, Paul Stoddart, comments, "The fact that we are able to test the first Minardi Cosworth PS05 chassis today is a testament to the overwhelming dedication and single-minded determination of everyone at the factory, as well as the team's suppliers and technical partners. This test marks the culmination of a massive effort, and I would like to thank all of those involved for making it possible."

  • weather in florence: partly cloudy, max 70, min 50
  • Are there alreay Papparazi's at the scene in Mugello:P?
  • From F1racing.net:
    The team arrived at the Mugello track Friday morning around 09.30am but won't be out on track before 11.00. Christijan Albers has just arrived at the track and told F1Racing.net shortly: "I fitted my seat in the factory yesterday and all went well. I'm looking forward to test later today, but I am not sure yet what time the team wants me to get it. They are preparing the car at this moment."
    Paul and Gian Carlo Minardi

    Many in the grand prix paddock wonder how Paul Stoddart and Gian Carlo Minardi can work together. Stoddart, current owner and Faenza team principal, is now Gian Carlo's boss; an Italian who brought Minardi into F1 in 1985 but had to sell it to save it.

    "People probably thought (the relationship) wouldn't last five minutes," Paul - the aviation millionaire - laughed. He told Motorsport News: "We certainly have had our squabbles."

    Gian Carlo Minardi's current 'consultancy' role is spotting for driver talent, and seeking-out new sponsorship.

    But how can he just sit back and swallow some of Stoddart's more questionable decisions? "It would be unfair to lie and say I'm happy," Minardi, who will travel to Imola for next Sunday's grand prix and new-car debut, admitted, "but the new boss is fully entitled to control everything. If one day I realise I'm no longer useful, I'll immediately retire."
  • am I the first?

  • Is that really the new PS05? Where did you get it from?
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