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Which Engine?

GCM' interview said last years Jag engine, ie the one designed to run for 1 race weekend as opposed to 2. Are Minardi getting the definitive 2 race engine or not?


  • Fucking christ, checking your facts seems to be off the list for you lately.

    The exact quote was "Ex-Jaguar engine".

    GCM also speaks Italian, so for us to read that quote means that it's been translated. Obviously he was saying that it's the engine formerly built for the Jaguar team, otherwise it wouldn't have been a 'high point' that he was pointing out, it would have been a low.
  • Jello, you're a dear friend of mine and God only knows how much I love to read your posts, but next time you'll use such an expression like the one you started your post with, I'll come to your place with Quig...:spank:

    Seriously, does it cost you too much to avoid blasphemies?
  • p.s. anyway you're right, it's undeniable, GCM speaks italian. I heard him.;)
  • Jello - watch your language or


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    [Edited on 4/12/2004 by MCSF]
  • Salvo, I myself was shocked at the start of Jello's post and I'm no longer religous. The point I was trying to make was that Stoddart said that Minardi would get the same evolution engine as Jag in 2005.
    But an ex Jag engine could be the 2004 engine detuned to fit the 2005 regs. After all 2003 saw Minardi use the ex- Arrows engine and 2004 saw us use the ex Jordan supply.
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    I just hope GCM meant 05' engine (which should be tested by Red Bull soon BTW)
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