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Most of the FM.com members are on their quest to find the holy grail in Imola.

I wish them all the luck - hope they bring with them more photos, interviews, infomration, etc etc.

Above all I hope they bring with them back a good result, a fantastic experience with the new car and... POINTS!



  • You lot will have a great time in Imola - I went in 2000 and the following day went round the factory in Faenza - BRILLIANT

    Plus you get to see the STUNNING new car - ENJOY...
  • Where they Fück are these guys anyway ???
    I would have expected an update by now (preferrably with pics) from the factory-tour.

    RJ, did you forget your laptop ????;)
  • Maybe they got sidetracked and met the new pope! :o

  • Have a good time to all going to Imola / Faenza :D

    The rest of us will hold the fort - but only on the condition that you bring back some damn goods photos!!! ;)

  • Can't believe any of this fellas got their laptop. How about something for the envy mass that would watch the race on tv?:(
  • At what stand will 'the gang' watch the grand prix and hang that magnificent new banner? I will do my best to spot it this weekend!!
  • Yeah, me too!

    I would also like to hear the RAI commentator commenting about the Minardi fans!
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