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The Imola First Practice thread!

I know it's early but holy hell it's BLACK outside, dark ass rain clouds! Roberta says we're getting rain all weekend. Thunder just shook the damn windows.

Bad for our shakedown, great for Sunday!

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  • Jello,
    Great Pictures! I was a little disappointed to see the Black and White Livery on the 05 with OZ on the side pods. Any rumors of additional sponsorship announcement?
  • Nothing other than Dynabyte so far. I did hear a mention of "new sponsors" with the 05 though.

    I'll see what I can do here to get some PS05 pictures up!
  • Allright, let's kick some yellow buts!
  • Thunderstorm over here at the moment, huge lightning flashes and huge rumblings of thunder, hope not to get too wet tomoz :S:S
  • Talking about Jordan, htey have NO sponsors at ALL!!!! There entirer car is blank apart from sobraine and tata for NK!! What I found funny was they diddnt bother repainting the transporters in the Paddock, Just peeled off the Ford badge and left the writing going around in an oval!!
  • The Jordan bunch do look a bit silly. Their livery also rival's ours for being an eyesore, it's even worse in person.
  • I'll say it again, good job to Jello and all the "live Update" crew!

    Are your giving us updates from the pits for practice tomorrow??

    (once again planning my workday around F1)

    :P :P :P
  • I shall do my best to give you guys a weather update tomorrow before we leave. Expect lots of updates after the day's running, but not too soon as we're hanging out in a bar while the crowds clear out. :hehe:
  • First practice already?

    the sessions being held at night or something?
  • Thanks Jello for all the info and other stuff!
    How is Christijan in real life?

    Panda, you need to wait another 8 hours I'm afraid.

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  • woo hoo... albers on track in the new car!! finally
  • Err.. Houston, we have a problem.
  • Why was patrick not coming in after his installation lap?
  • :( Lets hope with 50+ mins left it can get sorted.
  • Friseacher stopped
  • That's not good :(
  • WOO! Pat got back out :)
  • just teasing us
  • :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • better than the jordan!!!!:D :D
  • err... I think you may need to wait a while before you see us ahead of the jordans
  • I know but it wasn't bad for the first look...
  • Both drivers are fast thru sector 3 :D
    2nd and 3rd quickest, high speed that is

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  • Minardi are 2 seconds off the Jordans... :(
  • come on - it's only 10 laps with a brand new car - give them time to understand it and push
  • LINUS!

    dont worry!!! its really good for the shakedown

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  • At the moment;)

    Remember Jordan are probably on their optimum setup from last year.

    We have drivers with little experience of the new car
    (Under strict instructions not to bin the car)
    And new setups to discover.
    Im expectuing us to improve more than the jordans through the weekend:D
  • I would have hoped that they could be just as fast as the Jordans with the new car. Even if they haven't got any data from the new car.
    I hope they can improve their time a lot during this weekend!
  • Somewhat anticlimactic.
  • Times friday Practice 1 are as follows

    1. Pedro de la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes 1:21.060
    2. Ricardo Zonta Toyota 1:21.174
    3. Jenson Button BAR-Honda 1:21.805
    4. Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1:22.085
    5. Christian Klien Red Bull Racing 1:22.736
    6. Takuma Sato BAR-Honda 1:22.945
    7. Kimi Raikkonen McLaren-Mercedes 1:22.962
    8. Nick Heidfeld Williams-BMW 1:23.086
    9. Alexander Wurz McLaren-Mercedes 1:23.391
    10. Mark Webber Williams-BMW 1:23.532
    11. Rubens Barrichello Ferrari 1:23.797
    12. Vitantonio Liuzzi Red Bull-Cosworth 1:24.052
    13. David Coulthard Red Bull-Cosworh 1:24.126
    14. Felipe Massa Sauber-Petronas 1:24.175
    15. Jacques Villeneuve Sauber-Petronas 1:24.255
    16. Narain Karthikeyan Jordan-Toyota 1:24.512
    17. Tiago Monteiro Jordan-Toyota 1:25.257
    18. Robert Doornbos Jordan-Toyota 1:25.555
    19. Ralf Schumacher Toyota 1:26.333
    20. Christijan Albers Minardi-Cosworth 1:27.353
    21. Patrick Friesacher Minardi-Cosworth 1:27.411
    22. Giancarlo Fisichella Renault No Time
    23. Fernando Alonso Renault No Time
    24. Jarno Trulli Toyota No Time
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